New Zealand Prime Minister Enters COVID-19 Quarantine Ahead of General Election

New Zealand Prime Minister Enters Quarantine Due to Cold-like Symptoms Amidst Election Campaign The Prime Minister of New Zealand and leader of the center-left Labor Party, revealed through social media that he had developed cold symptoms on Saturday (September 30). As a precautionary measure, the Prime Minister cancelled all his scheduled events for the weekend. […]

3 Key Factors Holding Back World Stocks: Analysis Reveals Strong Fundamentals in Thailand

Three Factors Weighing Down World Stocks In a recent analysis, brokers have highlighted three key factors that continue to drag world stocks down. However, amidst this gloom, it is worth noting that Thailand’s fundamentals remain a strong pillar in all aspects. 1. Germany’s Distress: Collapsing Confidence and Weak Economy Firstly, Germany finds itself in serious […]

COVID-19 Update: Decrease in Cases and Comparison with Flu

COVID-19 Update: New Cases and Vaccination Progress The Department of Disease Control has released its weekly report on the status of COVID-19. The data for the 38th week, covering the period from September 10th to September 16th, 2023, reveals that there were 234 new patients admitted to hospitals. This translates to an average of 33 […]

COVID-19 Update: 234 New Cases and 2 Deaths Reported in Thailand Last Week

COVID-19 Update: Thailand’s Situational Report As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, Thailand grapples with the challenges posed by the virus. In the week of 17-23 September 2023, a total of 234 new patients were admitted to hospitals across the country. This averages to 33 cases per day, signifying the persisting threat of the virus. […]

Global Stock Markets Rebound as Interest Rates Approach Peak Levels

Stock Markets Recover as Global Interest Rates Rise Global stock markets are showing signs of recovery as interest rates around the world reach their highest point. This comes as welcome news amid concerns of a global economic slowdown. Key Factors Impacting the Recovery: Real estate in China has been significantly affected, with credit ratings agency […]