Crude oil futures down 9%, recession concerns | Reuters

Crude oil futures fell about 9%, the largest drop since March. The photo was taken in Texas, USA in November 2019 (2022 Reuters / Angus Mordant / File Photo) [ニューヨーク 5日 ロイター] –Crude oil futures fell about 9%, the largest drop since March. There was growing concern that a global recession and a lockdown in […]

Falling commodity prices could lead to an early peak in inflation

A view of a wheat field in Ukraine, the world’s largest wheat exporter, on the 1st. [사진=AFP·연합뉴스] As of the second quarter, the prices of raw materials such as natural gas, agricultural products, and wood have fallen, and it is estimated that they have entered a stable state. Since the main cause of inflation (inflation) […]

Decision to deregulate sales of domestically produced crude oil

New Delhi: The Union Cabinet has decided to deregulate the sale of domestically produced crude oil in the country. Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting Anurag Thakur made the announcement. Anurag Thakur’s announcement came after the Union Cabinet meeting on Wednesday. With the deregulation of sales, domestic crude oil producers will have market freedom. With […]

US stocks continue to rise temporarily-Morgan S’s Wilson-Bloomberg

Michael Wilson of Morgan Stanley, one of Wall Street’s prominent bears, said US stocks are expected to continue their current uptrend, but then fall again. The bank’s strategist, led by Wilson, predicted that the S & P 500 Index could rise another 5-7%. However, it is expected that the decline will resume after that. Lower […]

“G7 approaching agreement on ‘Russian crude oil price cap'”

G7 and EU leaders pose in Germany [자료사진: 연합뉴스 제공] The Wall Street Journal reported on the 26th local time that the G7 of the seven major countries is getting closer to an agreement on the introduction of a cap on the price of Russian crude oil. This plan was first proposed by the United […]