Central Africa opens ‘crypto hub’ that accepts ‘bitcoin’ legally

The website cointelegraph.com reports plans for the crypto hub project ‘Sango’, including building a marketplace hub.cryptoLegitimate and expanding acceptancebitcoinand create a “Crypto Island” which is a special economic zone inMetaverse Fostain-Argens Toudera, President of the Central African Republic, or CAR It has announced that the government will support initiatives centered on the development of the […]

Qatar central bank to launch national currency CBDC

The cryptopotato.com website reports that Governor Sheikh Bandarcentral bankofQatar revealed that the institute is evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of creating CBDC, the national currencyin digital form The organization must find the right technology. The launch of the CBDC has become a mission for many global central banks. and Qatar as well recently Governor Bandar […]

El Salvador to Settle $1 Billion Debt After Giving $425 Million to Bitcoin

CNBC news agency reported that the countryEl SalvadorBet on Bitcoin Economic Survival But So Far Gambling has yet to pay off as President Nayib Bukele had hoped. money in the fundcryptothe government’s halving And the nationwide adoption of bitcoin has not materialized. What is important is that the country now needs a lot of cash. […]

Goldman Sachs aims to raise $2 billion to acquire Celsius Network

The website cryptopotato.com reports that ‘Goldman Sachs’ (Goldman Sachs) major US investment bank revealed that it will raise 2 billion dollars or about 71 billion baht to buy troubled assets from ‘Celsius Network‘ (Celsius) If the situation of Celsius will deteriorate further may cause the company to file for bankruptcy Goldman wants to buy assets.cryptoSo, the […]