Painting and selling end of life and memory graphic cards

Graphics cards used for cryptocurrency mining are often exposed to poor environments. Because it is used for 24-hour mining in a high temperature and humid environment, there are cases where the life is short. However, it is not easy for users to identify these graphics cards. It has to do with the corrosion of the […]

Burundi Eco When poor service plagues the Burundian financial sector

In Burundi, the poor quality of banking services is singled out. The slowness, the smallness of the places in the waiting rooms… bear witness to a precarious situation in terms of customer reception. A reporter from Burundi Eco visited some banks in the municipality of Bujumbura to inquire about the situation there. Banks and financial […]

Burundi Eco Bujumbura: Children in street situations, a neglected danger?

The phenomenon of street children is one of the major challenges that Burundi has faced in recent years. In addition, lately, they constitute a public danger in the sense that they attack and steal the property of honest people. Which worries a lot of passers-by Children in street situations are not by chance. It is […]

Burundi Eco Investment Promotion: ADB still has work to do

The Burundi Development Agency (ADB) organized a press café on Tuesday January 17, 2023 which is part of the agency’s habit of regularly sharing its achievements with the media, but also of raising the challenges he faces daily The ADB’s new 2022-2027 strategic plan took into account the shortcomings of the one that preceded it. […]

Burundi Eco Bujumbura: When the management of plastic bottles worries more than one

Plastic bottles pollute the environment. This is evidence established by environmental experts. But the way in which they are managed has negative repercussions on the preservation of the environment, especially in the Burundian agglomerations in the forefront of which the city of Bujumbura. The municipality of Ntahangwa is one example among many others. Plastic bottles […]

Burundi Eco Carbon monoxide, a very dangerous gas

Carbon monoxide is an unstable and very deadly gas. Inhaling carbon monoxide causes poisoning. To do this, the rational use of household appliances and other equipment likely to release oxophilic gas is essential. To analyse Two people died of asphyxiation in Gitega commune while they were cleaning an underground tank of gasoline from a service […]

Burundi Eco The microfinance sector faces many challenges

MFIs in liquidation, those in a state of recovery, non-transmission of reports on financial statements, worrying financial situations… are all challenges that the Central Bank has presented to tax practitioners in order to identify solutions. It was this Tuesday, January 10, 2022 in Bujumbura during a meeting between the Central Bank and leaders of microfinance […]