Oligui Nguema in search of support and recognition from Paul Biya

At the invitation of President Paul Biya, the president of the transition of Gabon, Brigadier General Oligui Nguema, is making a 24-hour official visit to Cameroon. It is his first visit to the country since he overthrew President Ali Bongo Ondimba in a coup last August. A summit meeting is planned between the two heads […]

Jean Michel Nintcheu accused of embezzlement of 104 million FCFA

An activist from the Social Democratic Front (Sdf) party accuses Jean Michel Nintcheu, opposition deputy, of having embezzled more than 104 million FCFA intended for microprojects. Jean Faustin Eloudou, since it is him, an SDF activist from the Douala 5 electoral district, denounces the obscure management of micro-project funds by Jean Michel Nitcheu, who has […]

Victor Osimhen wins IFA Footballer of the Year award

Victor Osimhen, the Nigerian footballer playing for Naples, has been honored by winning the prestigious Footballer of the Year award given by the Italian Footballers’ Association (IFA). This distinction rewards an exceptional season marked by remarkable performances and a title of top scorer in Serie A. Victor Osimhen’s triumph: The IFA announced Osimhen’s victory on […]

Escape rumors involving Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga and Maxime Eko Eko

For 48 hours, the main prison in Yaoundé has been under close surveillance. Reinforced security measures have been put in place. Reportedly, the number of prison guards has been increased and plainclothes intelligence officers are patrolling the area. It is rumored that this strengthening is linked to persistent rumors of an escape attempt involving Jean […]

A second commando involved in the assassination of Martinez Zogo?

Investigating judge Sikati II Kwamo continues his investigation into a second commando potentially involved in the assassination of Martinez Zogo. During the hearings, Clément Ebo’o, member of the DGRE, revealed to the joint commission that he had left Martinez Zogo alive after having tortured him. From these elements, the judge follows the trail of a […]

“The accused will be judged in accordance with the law”

Since the publication on social networks of an order for the release of the accused in the Martinez Zogo case, Jean-Pierre Amougou Belinga and Léopold Maxime Eko Eko, followed by a letter declaring this order inauthentic, the Yaoundé military court stay quiet. In the meantime, both defendants remain in prison. Georges-Gilbert Baongla, former press boss […]

“41% of Cameroon’s roads are in poor condition”, Minister of Public Works

According to statements by the Minister of Public Works, Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi, 41% of Cameroon’s road network is currently in poor condition. This information was revealed during the presentation of the performance document for the year 2024 before the Finance and Budget Committee of the National Assembly. On a length estimated at more than 121,000 […]

the Apostle of Nations Rev. Dr Romuald Richy Essa’a Menguele honored!

In the presence of the Rector of Harvester’s Theological University, Professor John Elijah Azor, the man of God was made an honorary Doctor in recognition of his immense apostolic work and the signs attested by the prestigious university. Signs accompanied by numerous testimonies from the faithful and phenomena that have remained unexplained to this day, […]

The winner’s price on the rise again

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has set the amount of the reward intended for the future winner of CAN 2023. This year, the African champion will receive a record sum of 5 million US dollars. In a gesture aimed at promoting the competition, CAF has decided to increase the prize money for CAN 2023. […]

The effective village pharmacy to stop hemorrhoids and prostatitis

If you are tired of looking for a permanent solution for hemorrhoids, testing chemicals, sprays and massage balms without success, it’s time to turn to nature to put an end to this disease of shame. Chemicals may soothe the symptoms, but they don’t treat the root cause. It is therefore essential to find natural remedies […]