‘First hat-trick’ Hwang Ui-jo surpasses Park Joo-young

Hwang Ui-jo writes his first hat-trick on the French stage and holds up three fingers to celebrate the goal. [AFP=연합뉴스] “Perfect game.” France 24 expressed the performance of Hwang Ui-jo (30, Girondaeng Bordeaux), who made his first hat-trick since advancing to French professional soccer League 1 on the 24th (Korean time) and set a new […]

´Noh Bro 2´ Goalkeeper Kim Byungji “I still hate Hiddink”

‘Play Bro 2’ The KBO legend and the K-League legend were properly matched. In the T-Cast E-channel ‘Bro 2’, which was broadcast on the 24th, to end the Korean controversy, professional baseball players and professional soccer players all went to battle, betting on the pride of each sport. On this day, Park Yong-taek and Shim […]

Kang Ye-won, deleted photos taken with Freesia.. “Even though Song Ji-ah is the CEO?”

‘Freesia’s agency representative’ Kang Ye-won deleted a photo she took with Freesia (real name Song Ji-ah) from SNS. Kang Ye-won, co-representative of Freesia’s agency Hyowon CNC, recently deleted all photos of her and Freesia that she had posted on her Instagram. Previously, Kang Ye-won showed off her close sister-in-law with Freesia, and posted a picture […]

‘Park Chan-min’s daughter’ Park Min-ha, what is the reality of a 16-year-old shooting genius? Shooting competition site open

“What is ‘shooting genius’ Minha’s actual competition skills?” ‘Shooting genius’ Minha’s shooting competition site will be revealed. Channel A’s ‘Super DNA Can’t Cheat Blood’ (hereinafter ‘Blood Can’t Cheat’), broadcast on the 24th (today) at 9:50 pm, shows the 16-year-old shooting genius Minha’s ‘contest D-DAY’. On this day, Min-ha and her father, Chan-min Park, head to […]

‘I can’t cheat on blood’ Mi-hyun Kim, “How is Ho-dong Kang’s son playing golf?” A ‘meaning heart’ smiles at the question

“Does Kim Mi-hyun’s son also make a reservation for ‘Can’t Cheat Blood’?” ‘Golf Empress’ Kim Mi-hyun directly mentions her 13-year-old son, known as a ‘golf genius’ and ‘son of Kang Ho-dong’ Sihoo. On the third episode of Channel A’s ‘Super DNA You Can’t Cheat Blood’ (hereinafter ‘Blood Can’t Cheat’), which will be aired at 9:50 […]