INFINIC Showcases Core Dataset Technology for AI Development

Demonstration of ‘Heidi’, a data protection solution for sensitive information Artificial intelligence (AI) data specialist Infininic (CEO Park Joon-hyung) unveiled and demonstrated key technologies such as DataOps, autonomous driving sensor fusion technology, and sensitive information data protection solution to the public on the 11th. The representative technology that INFINIC presented at COEX in Seoul is […]

Digital housing construction achievements revealed at China Digital-Finance-Industrial Network 6th China Construction Summit

Original title: Digital housing construction achievements revealed at the 6th Digital China Construction Summit Daily Workers Net Reporter-China Dou Feitao Since April 26, the 6th Digital China Construction Summit held in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province has attracted professionals and the general public concerned about the development of the digital economy from all over the country […]

“NO data screen”… Shin Hye-sung and Kim Sae-ron stopped appearing on KBS

Reporter Jeon Jeon Joo of Money Today | 2023.04.21 20:01 From left, Kim Sae-ron and Shin Hye-seong. /Photo = Money Today DB Shin Hye-seong of Shinhwa group and actress Kim Sae-ron were banned from appearing by KBS after being accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. According to Star News on the 21st, KBS […]

Insilicogen, molecular biology data distribution integrated analysis software free for one year

Reporter Ahn Jung-jun from Money Today | 2023.04.11 15:06 On the 11th, Insilicogen, a company specializing in bioinformatics, releases ‘CLC Main Workbench’, an integrated analysis software of molecular biology data based on the free GUI environment, ‘Share one and conduct research smoothly throughout the year!’ He said he was running a promotion. This promotion, which […]

‘ChatGPT’ can also use the latest information… plug-in functionality released

photo = shutterstock Errors can be reduced due to lack of up-to-date data, which has been identified as the biggest weakness of ‘ChatGPT’. A way for users to connect and use necessary information or data directly has been opened. On the 23rd (local time), OpenAI announced on its blog that it has launched a ‘Plugins’ […]

Titanosaurus Nesting Sites and Giant Egg Fossils Discovered – Suggests They Were Not Raised by Indian Parents | Indian Science and Technology News | India Science Portal

Geologists at the University of Delhi, India, have discovered several nesting sites and 256 fossil eggs and fragments of Titanosaurs in the Lower Narmada Valley, an area spanning five villages in India’s central Madhya Pradesh state, suggesting that the dinosaur did not raise its young after hatching.scientific journal Indian nature reported on February 10. Publication […]

[Tiantian Yingqiu]Premier League Liverpool vs Wolves_season_home_statistics

Original title:[Tiantian Yingqiu]Premier League Liverpool v Wolves Premier League Liverpool v Wolves 【Background】 In the 7th round of the supplementary match 22-23 in the Premier League, Liverpool will face Wolves at Anfield! 【Home team】 Liverpool are currently 7th in the Premier League with 36 points, and there is still a gap of 9 points between […]

Production of detailed radio images of the Milky Way galaxy shows the existence of supernova images Research teams from Australia and Italy | Oceania Science and Technology News | Oceania Science Portal Communicating the current state of science and technology in Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, etc.)

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) in Australia announced on January 17 that researchers from Macquarie University in Australia and the National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF) in Italy, using the CSIRO radio telescope, announced that it had produced the largest radio detailed. ever image of a supernova remnant in the Milky Way galaxy. […]