The 87-year-old mother was sent to hospital and died…Family members dismembered the body and buried her with a broken heart Three days after the “strange resurrection” reason exploded | International | QUANTITY

The 87 year old mother was sent to hospital and died, only to find out that it was oolong after 3 days. (Photo / Reproduced from Nanguo Zaobao) A mainland woman surnamed Chen broke the news that the old man in her family had been sent to Nanning Beiji Hospital for treatment on December 27 […]

A pregnant woman gave birth to twins… The youngest son died and was taken away 21 years later and found that “the child is still alive” The hospital responded | International | QUANTITY

A Chinese woman who gave birth to twins 21 years ago suspected that her younger son was still alive. (Photo/Review of Jimu News) Huang Xiujuan, a woman from Maoming City, Guangdong Province, China, gave birth to twins in the hospital 21 years ago. The doctor told her that her youngest son was “too bad” and […]

Death certificate says Queen Elizabeth II died of ‘senile disease’

CNN news agency reported. archivesScottish National Editiondeath certificate of queen elizabeth On Thursday (September 29), it was reported that he died at 3pm UK time on September 8 at Balmoral Palace. ballet city Scotland alsodisease of old age Princess Anne, the royal daughter, signed the document. England’s Longest Reigning Queen deathPeacefully, aged 96 years King […]