The Smarter Side of Babies: Understanding Brain Response to Predictable Events

Study Shows Babies Have Better Brain Response to Meaningful, Predictable Events According to a study published in the journal Scientific Reports, babies as young as 4 months old demonstrate an understanding of their environment and how their bodies interact with it. Researchers at the University of Birmingham conducted a study measuring brain waves of infants […]

Bae Ji-young Reveals Morning Routine and Family Life on YouTube Channel

Baek Ji-young’s Morning Routine and Stage Greeting for ‘Baek Ji-young Concert in Cinema’ Reporter: Kim Na-yeon | 2023.11.25 16:22 Photo = Baek Ji-young Singer Baek Ji-young’s YouTube channel recently unveiled a glimpse into her morning routine, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at her stage greeting for the film ‘Baek Ji-young Concert in Cinema.’ In […]

Three New VTubers Debut in Nijisanji Group

Introduction of Three New Virtual Livers from Nijisanji Today, three new virtual livers have made their debut from the popular VTuber group “Nijisanji”. Their official X (formerly Twitter) accounts will go live as of November 21, 2023 (Tuesday), and they will be actively engaging with fans on platforms such as X (formerly Twitter) and YouTube. […]

Shingles Can Recur Up to Three Times: Understanding the Risks and Consequences

Shingles Can Recur Multiple Times When Immunity is Low By [Author Name] Shingles, a painful viral infection caused by the varicella-zoster virus, can recur multiple times, particularly when the immune system is compromised. Contrary to popular belief, having shingles once does not guarantee immunity from future occurrences. In fact, studies have shown that some individuals […]

“Noctyx Winter Start Dash!” Merchandise Available Now from NIJISANJI EN Project

NIJISANJI EN Announces New Product Line for “Noctyx Winter Start Dash!” NIJISANJI EN, the popular VTuber project known for its English-language content, has unveiled an exciting new merchandise line for its fans. The “Noctyx Winter Start Dash!” collection features a range of items inspired by the virtual unit made up of Alban Knox, Sonny Brisko, […]

Introducing SIGHTRON’s New Comet Scan Binoculars: 9×63 and 12×63 Models

SIGHTRON Releases New “Comet Scan” Binocular Series On Friday, November 24, 2023, SIGHTRON unveiled its latest binocular series, the “Comet Scan,” featuring two new models: the 9×63 and the 12×63. Both models come with open pricing and are estimated to be priced around 30,000 yen, including tax. Key Features: Large diameter lens with excellent light […]

BAPE®︎ and Disney Collaborate for Limited Edition BE@RBRICK featuring Mickey Mouse

A BATHING APE® Celebrates Milestone Birthdays with BE@RBRICK BAPE®︎ MICKEY MOUSE Collaboration A BATHING APE® recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, while Disney celebrated its 100th birthday. In honor of these milestones, a special collaboration was born in the form of BE@RBRICK BAPE®︎ MICKEY MOUSE in partnership with MEDICOM TOY. This triple collaboration, known for its […]