Watch for DELTA to trade a new par on April 28, dragging the price down

Guru evaluates DELTA after trading with a new par on April 28th at 0.10 baht There is a chance to see the price fall or lower after high liquidity. more fundamental reflections Although stocks currently have a P/E as high as 80 times, it is recommended to keep an eye on Q1/23 budgets, noting that […]

SET warns to study data before trading DELTA due to “Cash Balance” leak on April 24

In addition, the stock exchange Please notify, if you find that the trading conditions of DELTA securities deviate from normal conditions without fundamental factors. (Basic) Support DELTA securities will be upgraded to trading regulators level 2 and 3, respectively, in accordance with current regulations. In this regard, trading supervision measures are to be carried out […]

Thailand’s stock market closed 5.94 points, supported by DELTA.

Factors to follow next week are (1) US March Inflation on Wednesday, Bloomberg Consensus forecasts at 5.2%YoY, 0.2%MoM, and Bloomberg Forecast core inflation at 5.6%YoY and 0.4%MoM, if below the market. it will continue to support the stock market. (2) FED minutes or publication of the results of the previous FED meeting the previous day, […]

SET orders DELTA with Cash Balance and ITTHI starting April 3-21, 2023

“ The SET orders DELTA -ITTHI to come under Cash Balance Level 1 of the Trading Regulation Measures from April 3-21, 2023. The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) issues securities subject to trading regulation level 1: do not calculate the trading limit; a Cash Balance In which investors must put up 100% of all cash […]

“DELTA” breaks par to 0.10 baht, profit in 2022 rises to 15 billion : PPTVHD36

“Delta Electronics” (DELTA) proposes that shareholders approve the par split to 0.10 baht per share, with the effective date in the trading system as indicated by the main market. Ready to give dividends 4 baht / share, up XD on 28 February ’23, while in 2022 net profit was 15,345 million baht, growing +29%. “DELTA” […]

The price of DELTA fell by 11.62%, affecting the index down 10 points.

As for the trend of the Thai stock index tomorrow (6 Jan. 23), it is expected to continue to decline. This is due to the correction of DELTA stocks, which expects the share price to fall below 800 baht because it is still too expensive. Expect support at 1,650 points and resistance at 1,670 points. […]

DELTA receives the title of the record

ooo DELTA receives a crown Finish the year 2022 with “Stock of the Year” which returns by “surprise” so that no one can take the position for DELTA In December, just one month, the price climbed 7.5% from the 672 baht share price to 722 baht. Importantly, the market cap value has almost touched 900 […]