Remembering Malayalam Actor Kundera Johnny: A Farewell to a Legend

Kundera Johnny, the renowned actor known for his memorable villainous and heroic roles in Malayalam cinema, was laid to rest in Kollam with much love and adoration from his fans. He was buried in a specially prepared grave at St. John’s Church Cemetery in Anthony, Kanjirakode. The funeral ceremonies, officiated by Kollam Bishop Paul Antony […]

Renowned Serial Director Adityan Passes Away at 47

Renowned Television Director Adityan Passes Away Thiruvananthapuram – Adityan, a prominent serial director aged 47, tragically succumbed to a heart attack earlier this morning. Known for his exceptional work on the widely popular Santhvanam series, which is broadcasted on Asianet, Adityan was a native of Anchal, Kollam. He resided in Peyad, Thiruvananthapuram. The body is […]

Teaser of Malayalam Film ‘Anthony’ Starring Joju George Released

‘Anthony’ Teaser Released: A Collaboration of Malayalam Master Joshi and Joju George KOCHI – The much-anticipated teaser of ‘Anthony’, directed by acclaimed Malayalam filmmaker Joshi and starring Joju George, has been unveiled to the excitement of fans. This marks the reunion of Joshi and Joju George after their successful collaboration on the critically acclaimed film […]

President Biden Visits Israel to Boost Support and Foster Regional Diplomacy

Tel Aviv Welcomes US President Joe Biden’s Show of Support for Israel Tel Aviv – In a display of unwavering support for Israel, US President Joe Biden arrived in Tel Aviv and was warmly received by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the airport. Following their meeting, President Biden is set to embark on a […]

Indian Bowling Shines in ODI Cricket World Cup: A New Era of Dominance

Bowling Brilliance: Indian Team Shines in ODI Cricket World Cup The ongoing ODI Cricket World Cup has proven to be a batsman’s paradise, especially for Indian players. What was expected to be a tournament dominated by batters has instead showcased the exceptional bowling prowess of the Indian team. After completing the first three rounds of […]

Third Flight from Israel and India Arrives in New Delhi as part of ‘Operation Ajay’

Third Flight from Israel and India Arrives in New Delhi for ‘Operation Ajay’ NEW DELHI – In the early hours of the morning, the third influx of individuals participating in ‘Operation Ajay’ landed at Indira Gandhi International Airport. This joint operation between Israel and India aims to facilitate the return of citizens to their home […]

India’s Loss and Elimination in Merdeka Football Tournament

India Suffers Defeat in Merdeka Football, Fails to Advance Kollampur, India – In a disappointing turn of events, India was defeated and eliminated from the Merdeka football tournament. The host country, Malaysia, emerged victorious with a 4-2 win. Malaysia will now face Tajikistan in the final match that is scheduled for Tuesday. Dion Kulls, Arif […]

Uralungal Society: A Model for Increasing Employment and Wages through Modern Technology

Kozhikode Uralungal Society: A Model for Increasing Employment and Wages through Modern Technology Author M Mukundan emphasized the significance of Uralungal society as an exemplar of how modern technology can create more job opportunities and higher wages, even in the face of global employment reduction due to mechanization. Speaking at the 39th memorial meeting of […]