“Token X” creates value for the digital economy – a flying taxi with intelligent technology I TNN Startup I 19-03-66

“Token X” Values ​​the Digital Economy – “Flying Taxi” Smart Technology I TNN Startup I 19-03-66 #TechStartup #TNNSstartup #Startup – “Token X” Values ​​Crowdfunding for the Future of the Digital Economy – Startup Insight Unlock all restrictions Start-up – catch the trend of “ticket” startups to expand business worldwide – intelligent technology “flying taxis” Follow […]

Silvergate Risks Failure, Brings Crypto Market Down, Bitcoin Drops $22,000

The current news about the risk of bankruptcy of “Silvergate Capital Corp”, a crypto bank linked to FTX, which has seriously affected the financial liquidity problem. Until unable to reveal the results of the accounting period of the last quarter Press to make the stock price traded in the market fall -30%, immediately shaking the […]

Silvergate Capital is the next crypto domino from FTX.

Shares of Silvergate Capital Corp fall -30% after failing to disclose financial statements and latest quarterly results. Because the financial status of the company may face problems. The latter has affected the crypto market over the past year. Causing investors to think they may be at risk of falling in line with FTX again Today, […]