Italian Prime Minister Meloni Expresses Interest in Strengthening Trade Ties with China

Italian Prime Minister Meloni Discusses Improved Trade and Economic Ties with China On December 7, Italian Prime Minister Meloni (pictured) addressed reporters about the potential for enhancing trade and economic relations with China, despite Italy’s decision to withdraw from the Belt and Road Initiative. Photo taken on March 3 in Belgrade, Serbia (2023 Reuters / […]

China Accuses U.S. of Violating Trade Norms in Electric Vehicle Incentives Row

US New Move to Exclude Tax Incentives for Electric Vehicles Draws International Criticism By Joe Cash, Economic Affairs Correspondent China’s Ministry of Commerce has strongly criticized the United States’ recent decision to exclude tax incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles (EVs), labeling it as a violation of international trade norms that could disrupt global […]

Chinese President Xi Jinping Emphasizes Cooperation Over Competition with EU

China and EU Emphasize Cooperation Over Competition On 7 December, Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed the importance of China and the European Union (EU) refraining from viewing each other as competitors due to their differing systems. President Xi emphasized that competition should not hinder cooperation, and that differences between the two should not lead to […]

Israeli Forces Attack Journalists in Southern Lebanon, Killing Reuters Reporter

This Just In: Israeli Forces Target Journalists in Southern Lebanon By Staff Writer On October 13th, chaos erupted in southern Lebanon as Israeli forces unleashed a barrage of two shells at journalists, resulting in the tragic death of Reuters reporter Issam Abdallah, aged 37, and leaving six others injured. The harrowing photo capturing this devastating […]

President Biden Urges Additional Military Aid to Ukraine to Counter Russian Invasion

Biden Urges Republicans for Additional Military Aid to Ukraine On December 6, US President Joe Biden called upon the Republican Party to provide further military assistance to Ukraine, asserting that it is crucial to prevent Russian President Vladimir Putin from achieving victory in the ongoing invasion of Ukraine. This appeal comes amidst growing concerns over […]

UN Secretary-General Warns of Escalating Threat to International Peace and Security due to Israel-Hamas Fighting

UN Secretary-General Warns of Escalating Threats to International Peace and Security In a statement issued on Wednesday, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres cautioned that the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza has the potential to worsen existing threats to global peace and security. Guterres emphasized the critical nature of the situation, warning of […]