MSI Korea Announces Participation in ‘Everyday Eleventh Day’ Event for Gaming Monitors

MSI Korea to Participate in ‘Everyday Eleventh Day’ Event Cnet Korea, Reporter Shin Dong-min MSI Korea has announced its participation in the year-end ‘Everyday Eleventh Day’ event hosted by 11th Street. The event, taking place from December 1st to 15th, will feature discounts of up to 24% on MSI’s popular gaming monitors. This discount will […]

ASUS Monitor Photo Review Event: Win Naver Pay Mobile Gift Certificates

Intech & Company to Hold ASUS Monitor Photo Review Event Intech & Company, the official distributor of ASUS products, will be hosting a photo review event for ASUS monitors from November 20th to December 31st. The event aims to engage buyers of ASUS monitors distributed by Intech & Company. Participants who write a photo review […]

ASUS Monitors at up to 16% Off for Black Friday at Intech & Company Event!

ASUS Monitors on Sale for Black Friday at Must Color Intech & Company, led by CEO Jeong-wook Seo and the official distributor of ASUS, is hosting a special Black Friday event offering discounts of up to 16% on ASUS monitors. Event Details The event runs from November 20th to 30th at Must Color, a specialty […]

Razer Blade 18 Review: A Powerful, Slim, and Sophisticated Gaming Laptop

Rewrite text (Cnet Korea = Reporter Shin Dong-min) Gaming laptops that allow you to enjoy the latest AAA games based on powerful performance usually have tall and chunky designs reminiscent of sports cars or spaceships . Among these, the Razer ‘Blade’ series is a brand that many love for its clean, sophisticated design with no […]

Motorola Unveils New Foldable Smartphone and On-Device AI Assistant at Lenovo Tech World 2023

Lenovo China Unveils Innovative On-Device AI and Cutting-Edge Foldable Smartphone Lenovo China made waves in the tech world by showcasing their latest advancements at the highly anticipated ‘Lenovo Tech World 2023’ event. The event showcased Motorola, under the Lenovo umbrella, wowing attendees with its groundbreaking on-device artificial intelligence (AI) features and an awe-inspiring foldable smartphone. […]

Billie Showcases Debut Single Album ‘side-B: memoirs of echo unseen’ at Exhibition in Seoul

Billie Holds Exhibition for Debut Single Album ‘side-B: memoirs of echo unseen’ By Han Hyeok-seung Seogyo-dong, Seoul – The popular group, Billie, captivated fans with an impressive exhibition showcasing their highly anticipated 1st single album, ‘side-B: memoirs of echo unseen’, at the prestigious Shinhan pLay Square Live Hall. Esteemed as the lead dancer, Tsuki took […]

Man Arrested for ‘Mannequin Robbery’ in Polish Shopping Center

Man Arrested for Unique ‘Mannequin Robbery’ at Poland Shopping Mall Warsaw, Poland – In a bizarre turn of events, a suspect in his 20s was apprehended in connection with a daring ‘mannequin robbery’ that took place at a shopping center last week. The suspect, whose identity remains undisclosed, allegedly stole jewelry while skillfully masquerading as […]

The iPhone 15 Pro Max Faces Burn-In Issues: A Concern for Apple’s Latest Series

Key Specifications of the iPhone 15 Series As anticipation builds for the release of the highly anticipated iPhone 15 series, a new issue has emerged, causing concern among consumers. The burn-in phenomenon, which leaves an afterimage on the screen, has become a topic of discussion surrounding Apple’s latest flagship devices. According to esteemed IT media […]

Google Pixel 8 Pro Achieves Top Ranking in Display Category, According to DxOMark

**Google Pixel 8 Pro Emerges as Display Champion on DxOMark** *By [Author’s Name]* Google’s latest flagship smartphone, the Pixel 8 Pro, has snatched the crown in the display category on renowned smartphone camera benchmark site DxOMark. Garnering the highest accolades globally for its exceptional readability and color performance, the Pixel 8 Pro has solidified its […]