Student dies during injection; Three arrested, including doctor Arrest | Kozhikode

Nadapuram (Kozhikode): Three people, including a doctor, have been arrested in connection with the death of a student during an injection at a private clinic. He is the Managing Director and Pediatrician at the Nucleus Clinic. Salahuddin, managing partner Rashid from Mudavantheri and nurse Shani from Perot were arrested. The incident took place on February […]

Police confirm Tulsa shooter killed four in revenge on doctors

[Police confirm Tulsa shooting murderer killed four in revenge against doctors]On Wednesday, local time, a black man in Tulsa, Oklahoma, entered a local medical facility with an AR15 rifle and shot and killed Suicide after killing 4 people. Later, according to the US CBS News Network, the local police said that the man committed the […]

Eat “keto” with understanding, knowing both the good benefits and side effects.

Doctors of Chulalongkorn University advise to understand the guidelines Eat fat to lose weight “keto” knows both the good and the side effects. Repeat “weight loss” to treat diseases and long-term health care with a balanced, varied and moderate diet. action “lose weight” It’s not just about taking care of your shape and beauty. But […]