Fate EP.20: Tragedy and Triumph in the Thai Period Drama Destiny

Thai Period TV Drama “Fate” Continues to Captivate Audience The highly anticipated sequel to the popular Thai period TV drama has been keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. Produced by Broadcast Thai Television Company Limited, the series brings back the beloved characters portrayed by Pope-Thanawat Wattanaputi and Bella-Ranee Campen, along with the enchanting […]

Fate EP.15 and EP.16 Break Records and Spark Global Trending Frenzy

Rewrite text So strong that they could hardly take the shots in time For the drama destiny On Channel 3, as well as the popularity of the drama from the screen to the online world Most recently, it broke the earth-shattering record by many on the Richter scale with a new high score. Fate EP.15 […]

Drama Destiny: Prom Likhit – Chapter 14 Critical Summary

Upcoming Thai Period TV Drama: Prom Likhit Don’t miss the highly anticipated Thai period TV drama, Prom Likhit, a sequel to the beloved series. Produced by Broadcast Thai Television Company Limited, the show features an adaptation of Rom Paeng’s script and stars acclaimed actors Pope-Thanawat Wattanaputi and Bella-Ranee Campen, along with the talented Krishna Kali. […]

Father Rid’s undeniable attraction to Phuttan in Fate Ep. 12

Warning: New Drama Series Alert! Attention all drama enthusiasts! We have a thrilling new development in the popular series Fate. In the upcoming episode 12, viewers can expect to witness an intriguing turn of events between the characters Father Rid and Phuttan, portrayed by the talented Pab Thanawat and Bella Ranee, respectively. The storyline takes […]

Drama Destiny: Episode 11 – A Turning Point

Exciting New Thai Period TV Drama: Destiny Destiny is a captivating new Thai period TV drama that has taken the nation by storm. A sequel to the popular TV drama, it is an adaptation of Rom Paeng’s script and is produced by Broadcast Thai Television Company Limited. The queen herself stars in the first part, […]

Friends Actor Matthew Perry Dead at 54: Possible Drowning Tragedy

Matthew Perry, the 54-year-old actor known for his starring role in the hit series Friends, has tragically passed away. The news of his death was confirmed by a representative of Perry and a law enforcement officer. According to sources, Perry is believed to have drowned, although the exact cause of death is yet to be […]

Drama Destiny: Introducing New Characters and Ratings Drop in Latest Episode

Drama “Destiny” Ratings Dip Slightly but Still Show Promise The highly anticipated drama series “Destiny” has recently seen a minor decline in ratings. Despite this dip, the show continues to maintain an excellent viewership record, with three gripping episodes already released. As the plot unfolds, viewers can expect to be introduced to a plethora of […]

The Wind Blows Through the Stars: A Romantic Drama of Love and Choices

A New Romantic Drama Series “The Wind Blows Through the Stars” Captures the Essence of Love A young woman named Daracha finds herself at a crossroads when it comes to matters of the heart in the heartfelt and romantic drama series, “The Wind Blows Through the Stars.” As she navigates the realm of love, she […]