After middle age, a beneficial vs. a toxic mode of exercise

Exercise is essential to living a long and healthy life. In particular, after middle age, muscle mass decreases and the risk of various diseases increases, so regular exercise is important. ‘How you do it’ is just as important as ‘what you consistently do’. After middle age, if you exercise in the wrong way, it can […]

Why are there more male hypertensive patients than females?

The recent increase in the incidence of high blood pressure is faster in men than in womenㅣSource: Getty Image BankMore than 800,000 people each year are diagnosed with high blood pressure for the first time or start treatment for high blood pressure. According to the National Health Insurance Corporation and Korean Hypertension Association published by […]

The reason why my exercise resolution keeps falling apart is because of ‘this’?!

A month has already passed since the new year 2023 started. In the new year, most people make new resolutions and make plans. Among them, the goal that should never be missed is exercise. According to the Statistical Brain Research Institute (SBRI), an American market analysis agency, the probability of success in New Year’s resolutions […]

This has excellent anti-aging and anti-oxidant effects [푸드인사이트]

This is a corner that identifies foods or foods that cause hot problems that are good to eat at this time.Clinical nutritionists present the nutrition and effectiveness of foods, how to choose, how to store, and how to eat. Omega-3 fatty acids are part of cell membranes and are well known to help improve the […]