Brandenburg: Terror suspect was known as a criminal

The 16-year-old arrested in Wittstock was already known for robbery and drug trafficking. He is suspected of planning a terrorist attack. According to information from security circles, the terror suspect from Wittstock/Dosse in Brandenburg was known as a criminal. The German Press Agency learned that he was already known for crimes such as robbery, extortion […]

Diplomacy | Military and drugs

The USA and China want to mend their strained relations and are resuming communication between their armed forces after a long period of radio silence. US President Joe Biden and China’s head of state Xi Jinping met near the US metropolis of San Francisco for their first personal exchange in a year – the emergency […]

Coke was found in July

The police discovered cocaine in the White House in the summer, and photos of it have now been published. President Joe Biden probably has nothing to do with it. The US police found cocaine in the White House in July, they told the British newspaper Daily Mail in response to an inquiry. The newspaper said […]

Ráchel after Sulík’s son published her drug test

Fiki Sulík, who makes no secret of the fact that he also had a hot night with Ráchel, has been giving her a lot of trouble in recent weeks. He recently called her ex Tomy Kotty on his podcast and together they discussed the incident between them. Although Tomy admitted that there had been a […]

UFMG vaccine against cocaine and crack addiction wins the Euro Prize

The achievement guaranteed a prize of 500 thousand euros (R$ 2.6 million) for the Federal University of Minas Gerais. Most voted by doctors from 17 countries, Calixcoca surpassed 11 other innovative initiatives in the field of health developed by other nations. “Developing science in Latin America is not easy, we can only be grateful for […]

Legalize cannabis? Helge Timmerberg finds bans more dangerous

Germany is arguing about cannabis legalization. The author Helge Timmerberg has traveled to places that have legalized and says: Banning is riskier. In Germany, Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach’s draft law on cannabis legalization is currently being discussed, which the Federal Cabinet has already approved. What is the situation in countries that have already legalized […]

Sanctions against companies in China should help

The USA is confronted with a veritable flood of fentanyl. In order to control the import of the drug, US authorities have now imposed sanctions on companies in China and Canada. Fentanyl has been flooding the streets of the United States for some time. The synthetic opioid can be injected, similar to heroin. But the […]

Joe Biden’s son Hunter protests his innocence in court

Hunter Biden has the justice system breathing down his neck. Among other things, it involves an unlawful purchase of weapons. The Republicans are using this for their election campaign. The son of US President Joe Biden has protested his innocence in court after being charged with gun law violations. Hunter Biden appeared in court in […]

Operation D Hunt: Kerala Police Arrest 244 People in Crackdown on Drug Trade

244 People Arrested in ‘Operation D Hunt’ Thiruvananthapuram – As part of the extensive statewide ‘Operation D Hunt’ conducted by the Kerala Police, 244 individuals have been apprehended for their alleged involvement in the procurement and distribution of illicit drugs. The arrests were made in connection with 246 cases registered for the possession of various […]

When the opposing candidate arrives, the mood changes

CSU boss Markus Söder faced viewers on TV and caused laughter. When his green challenger came along, the mood changed. A viewer asked Söder via an internet comment how it could be that he was against the legalization of cannabis while at the same time campaigning “in a hundred beer tents”, causing amusement among the […]