The Impact of Economic Crises: Causes, Effects, and Historical Examples

Economic Crises: A Look at History and Indicators In economics, an economic crisis is used to refer to a situation where a country experiences a sudden economic decline, resulting in a significant reduction in economic activity and high unemployment rates. This is often accompanied by a fall in the stock market and a lack of […]

China in crisis: The giant is reeling enormously

China’s economy is in crisis. President Xi Jinping actually wanted to overtake the USA as a world power, but suddenly there is talk of decline. The reasons for this range from the corona pandemic to Vladimir Putin. There is already a red alert in China. A mysterious lung disease is spreading again in the People’s […]

Government candidate Massa admits election defeat

Carry on like this or a radical turnaround? Amid a severe economic crisis, Argentines are electing a new president. The first results are now available. Government candidate Sergio Massa has admitted defeat in the presidential election in Argentina. “Javier Milei is president,” said the incumbent economics minister that evening about his ultra-liberal rival. “I congratulated […]

Caught between the ego of “Baozi” and closeness to Putin

China is in a serious economic crisis. Is this perhaps an opportunity for the West to break Xi Jinping out of his alliance with Vladimir Putin? At least there is hope. Chinese President Xi Jinping did it again in October. At a meeting with Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin in Beijing, both heads of state renewed […]

Radical U-turn? Argentina elects president

Amid a severe economic crisis, Argentines have elected a new president. The libertarian populist Javier Milei was considered the favorite in the first round of voting. The self-proclaimed “anarcho-capitalist” wants to introduce the US dollar as legal tender, abolish the central bank and many ministries and radically cut social spending. The candidate from the La […]

The Crooked Timber Of New India: A Critical Analysis of the Modi Administration

**Parakala Prabhakar: A Renowned Political and Economic Scientist, Writer, and Social Critic** Parakala Prabhakar, a well-known figure in India, is highly regarded as a political and economic scientist, writer, and social critic. Having completed his graduation at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University and bearing a PhD from the prestigious London School of Economics, Prabhakar embarked on […]

Sri Lanka lifts import restrictions on 286 items as economic crisis eases

Reuters reports that Sri Lanka face economic crisis In the past year, due to the depletion of foreign exchange reserves by the government has limitedimport goodsmore than 3,200 items including seafood, electronic products and even musical instruments anyway financial status of Sri Lanka Improvement over the last 9 months Because Sri Lanka received $2.9 billion […]

Who is the bank rescuer Elwira Nabiullina?

In Russia she has power over the central bank and enjoys the trust of Vladimir Putin – although she is probably critical of the war. Who is Elvira Nabiullina? At the beginning of the war, there was great concern about empty supermarket shelves in Russia. Would the imported goods still be available if the many […]