James Webb captures the blurry ‘ghost galaxy’ clearly

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST, ‘Web’), which released its first mysterious image last week, continues to send data back to Earth after overcoming the adversity of a micrometeorite impact. It is not processed like the first public image. Instead, NASA makes some of the raw data available to other experts through the portal Mickelsky […]

MobiTalk, ‘Galaxy Note 20’ grand sale… 10 million won applied

The smartphone distribution platform MobiTalk (operator SmartNow) provides a reasonable premium smart life opportunity based on the ‘Galaxy Note 20’. On the 20th, SmartNow announced that it would hold a grand sale event to sell the ‘Galaxy Note 20’ for 100,000 won each in installments through the ‘MobiTalk’ application. This event is a MobiTalk event […]

Acer launches premium gaming laptop ‘Predator Helios 300’

Acer announced on the 20th that it will launch a premium gaming laptop ‘Predator Helios 300’ for hardcore gamers. The new product provides gamers with an optimal gaming environment with enhanced performance from processor and graphic card to thermal management and display. Intel 12th generation Core i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card […]

Missing ticket power for ‘Elisabeth’?… Only episode of Kim Junsu’s appearance is sold out

entertainments Missing ticket power for ‘Elisabeth’?… Only episode of Kim Junsu’s appearance is sold out Reporter Seo Jin-joo2022.07.18 19:12 Ticket reservations for the 10th anniversary of the musical ‘Elisabeth’, which suffered casting controversy, were poor. The photo is a musical actor Ock Joo-hyun attending the ‘2016 Korea Popular Culture and Arts Awards’ red carpet event […]