[GDC 2023] Epic Games unveils a sizzle reel via State of Unreal

Epic Games, the game developer and service provider of Unreal Engine, released a sizzle reel video at the Game Developers Conference 2023 (GDC 2023) in San Francisco, USA. It was released through the inaugural event, State of Unreal, and is a video compilation of works developed or in development using the Unreal Engine. △Hi-Fi Rush […]

Epic Games Demos new motion capture animation technology! Create in just a few minutes from videos shot with an iPhone | Kamiap | Presenting Apple IT news and information

At State of Unreal, Epic Games made headlines by showcasing its latest motion capture animation technology that produces realistic 3D animations of faces in minutes from videos shot on an iPhone. Epic Games showcases new motion capture animation technology According to ArsTechnica, Epic Games showed off a demo of its next-generation MetaHuman facial animation tool […]

Epic Games Presents Major Unreal Engine Work…Reveal Sizzle Reel 2023

[테크월드뉴스=양승갑 기자] Epic Games announced on the 24th that it is releasing an Unreal Engine Sizzle Reel video through the ‘State of Unreal’ opening event at Game Developers Conference 2023 (GDC 2023) in San Francisco, USA. [이미지=에픽게임즈] The sizzle reel released this time is a collection of works developed or being developed with Unreal Engine. […]

Praise Space “Duskers” EGS resource exploration is free for a limited time, what the drone finds is not necessarily resources, but also monsters | 4 Gamers

The free-to-play game that Epic Games gave away this week is the well-received indie space exploration game “Duskers” launched by Misfits Attic in 2016. This game has received excellent reviews on Steam .Claim your game forever. “Duskers” is a rogue-like exploration game. The player plays the role of a drone operator who salvages scrap metal […]

The third Dishonored game “The Outsider: Death of the Outsider” + “Mob Empire” is free for a limited time, and ESG will save it forever after receiving it | 4 Gamers

Following last year’s “Definitive Edition Unjust Murder”, Epic Games sent the third game in the series “Dishonored: Death of the Outsider” (Dishonored: Death of the Outsider) this week, along with the strategy management simulation game “Gangster Empire” (City of Gangsters), log in to the Epic Games Store to claim the game’s permanent save for free. […]