Russia Threatens Finland with Military Action over Troop Concentration

Kremlin Spokesman Warns Finland Over Troop Concentration on Russian Border In a statement on the 29th, Kremlin spokesman Peskov expressed Russia’s concern over the possibility of Finland “concentrating” its troops on the border with Russia, warning that such a move would be viewed as a threat by Russia. This comes in the wake of a […]

Moscow is investing almost three times more than Kyiv

News blog about the Ukraine war Moscow is investing almost three times more than Kyiv From t-online, dpa, afp, Reuters, bm, te, cli, aj, wan, lim, LMA Updated on November 29th, 2023 – 9:35 p.m. Reading time: 18 min. War in the Ukrainian winter (archive image): Russia is planning a major investment in its military […]

Atomic Energy Agency – “This worries us enormously”

News blog about the Ukraine war Atomic Energy Agency: “This worries us enormously” From t-online, dpa, afp, Reuters, bm, te, cli, aj, wan, lim, LMA Updated on November 29th, 2023 – 7:10 p.m. Reading time: 17 min. Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant (archive image): The international nuclear agency warns of growing danger. (Source: Erik Romanenko/imago images) […]

Jordan to Host International Conference for Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

International Conference in Jordan to Coordinate Humanitarian Aid to Gaza On the 29th, Jordan is set to host an international conference aimed at coordinating humanitarian aid to the Palestinian autonomous region of Gaza. The event will be attended by key UN agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and representatives from Western and Arab countries, with the goal […]

Russian Frigate Attacks Ukrainian Infrastructure with Cruise Missiles

Russian Frigate from Black Sea Fleet Strikes Ukrainian Military Infrastructure On the 29th, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that a frigate from the Black Sea Fleet carried out an attack on military infrastructure in Ukraine using four cruise missiles. According to the Ministry, a Kalibr cruise missile was launched from the frigate and successfully […]

Outlook for the Japanese Yen: Analysis and Predictions for 2023

– Analysts predict that the yen will continue to depreciate in 2023, following a 10% depreciation against the dollar and a new low in the real effective exchange rate. However, some anticipate a stronger yen due to lower interest rates in the US and a weakening dollar. The key to reversing the yen’s depreciation lies […]

Russian Invasion | War against Ukraine: This is the situation

Ukraine is spending around half of its 2024 budget on defense against Russia’s war of aggression. President Zelensky emphasizes that social issues should not be neglected either. An overview. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj has signed the 2024 state budget of the country aspiring to join the EU and NATO, with billions spent on armaments. The […]

Ukraine and Baltic States Boycott OSCE Meeting Due to Russian Involvement

Ukraine and Baltic States Boycott OSCE Meeting Over Russian Participation On November 28th, Ukraine along with the Baltic states of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania announced their decision to boycott the upcoming Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), which is scheduled to take place in North Macedonia later […]

Putin sees Russia as a “great power” again

Day 643: Vladimir Putin sees his country as a great power again. Finland closes the last border crossing with Russia. All information in the news blog. The most important things at a glance Putin: “A great power again” 12:15 a.m.: Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin sees Russia, in his own words, as a “great power” on […]

EU Commission plans higher prison sentences for smugglers

In order to put a stop to smugglers, the EU Commission is planning higher prison sentences and improved legal prosecution. This is also about criminal networks. The EU Commission wants to take action against the smuggling of refugees with stricter laws and international cooperation. Accordingly, the 20-year-old legislation against human trafficking is to be revised, […]