The Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarified that the Royal Thai Army hired NSTDA to inspect GT200, the Attorney General suggested because it was the essence of the case.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense explained MPs move forward to debate about the Royal Thai Army’s hiring NSTDA inspected over 7.5 million GT200 machines and was outraged by scientists Identified suing the seller, won a civil case, ordered to pay off 683 million debt, but the seller fought back to appeal The Attorney […]

“Tax Return 2021” check the inspection channel, file faster, get a refund faster

Check “Tax Refund 2021” Check the way to check tax refund information. P.N.D.90/P.N.D. 91 filed faster, the money will be refunded faster. At the same time, the Revenue Department informs the change of personal income tax return channels for the tax year 2021. examine “Tax Return 2021” Check the channel to check the informationtax refund […]

The NHSO rushes to find the wrong person to steal the information of children taking the TCAS exam, pointing out that in the year 2021, only the ID card number can not be used illegally.

The NHSO reveals the information of the TCAS exam children is leaked since the year 2021 is not in the system. but caused by the error of the data holder Point out the information, only the ID card number. Cannot be used illegally Go ahead and report the offenders to prosecute. Capt. Amorn Chomchoey, deputy […]

OIC to expedite investigations in case of hiring NGO children infected with COVID-19 hope to claim insurance

Dr. Suthiphon Thaweechaikarn Secretary-General of the Insurance Commission (Secretary General of the OIC) revealed that in the case of criticism on social mediaAnnouncing the employment of children N. by requesting to be a child who mustCOVID-infectedonly and haveATK test results Confirm results to want to get infected with covid and claiminsurance moneyfrom insurance company Actions […]