The Expressway intends to accelerate the method of minimizing carbon dioxide emissions.

“expressway” It is another transportation system that persons choose to journey in the metropolis. At the moment, the selection of automobiles using the expressways on a every day foundation is increasing. The latest figures exhibit an common of 1.5 million autos a day. Surachet Laopoolsuk, Governor of the Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT). it was […]

highway engineer Reveal that the standing h2o, the canvas fell into the auto and broke down. Requested drinking water just before the incident, but not in time.

freeway engineer Clarify the cause of water trapped in the canvas, slipping into the car, Rama 2 Road, purchased the workers to drain the water right before the accident but did not act in time At 09.30 (August 12), reporters documented that Mr. Paramet Tanmaniwatana, a civil engineer with exclusive skills. The Highways Division with […]

Highway Patrol arrests young man Cheating on motorway tolls Has happened 14 times

Highway Patrol arrested a young man with a doctor who used 2 cards to cheat on the motorway toll Has happened 14 times (July 20, 65) Highway Patrol Police Station 1, Supervision Division 8, Highway Patrol Division Announcing the arrest Highway users defrauded motorway tolls. By keeping several electronic cards through the motorway. to be […]

Holiday in July 2022 this long holiday! Suvarnabhumi Airport open for free parking

news today july holiday This long holiday! Many areas began to open to welcome tourists. Travelers traveling across the province come to relax, make merit, welcomeAsan Bucha Day His Majesty And the travel line must have planned in advance to travel successfully. Plus anyone who has a private car but doesn’t want to drive. turned […]