Espa Ningning, almost blind in one eye due to the after-effects of ‘this’

Ning Ning of the idol group Espa recently revealed in an interview with the Chinese magazine ‘Vogue China’ that she could barely see in her right eye due to the after-effects of acanthamoeba keratitis. Acanthamoeba is a type of protozoan that lives in tap water or swimming pool water. It usually disappears due to human […]

[날씨] Rain news across the country.

Today, the weekend, the sky is cloudy. There are places where raindrops are falling or light snow is blowing all over the place now. Gradually, starting with the southern regions and Jeju, it will rain in Chungcheong and Gangwon-do in the late afternoon, and in the metropolitan area late at night. The expected amount of […]

Cacti instead of eyes?… What happened to the snowy Alps

Alpine mountains in south-east Switzerland / AFP News The Swiss Alps, which featured beautiful snowscapes, were covered in green. The British Guardian reported on the 10th (local time) that the Swiss landscape is changing due to global warming. The media said, “Residents of the Valais canton in southern Switzerland are used to seeing slopes covered […]

Heavy rain continuing over the weekend, mid weather at the moment

◀ Anchor ▶ A cold wave warning is issued in the central and inland Gyeongbuk region, and cold weather continues throughout the country. Snow news is also forecast everywhere, so let’s find out by contacting the detailed weekend weather center. Caster Geum Chae-rim, how’s the weather today? ◀ Cast Weather ▶ Today, this weekend morning, […]

Warnings for heavy snow all over the country. This visual weather centre

◀ Anchor ▶ Snow began to fall overnight, with up to 20 cm of snow accumulating in some places. Heavy snow warnings have been issued in Seoul, the metropolitan area, Gyeonggi, and Chungcheong areas. Let’s connect the weather center and find out the heavy snow situation. Oyoanna Caster, tell me. ◀ Oyoanna/Weather Presser ▶ Now, […]