Meet “Bright Win Nani Dew” 4 charming flower boys from F4 Thailand

F4 or flower 4 A young gang of 4 flowers 4 styles, handsome and charming, who are on the podium as the most influential group in the school with the status of the house known as millionaire level until everyone in the school is rich. but maybe not so high Accepting all rules and ready […]

F4 Thailand series viewer feedback (EP.1) first episode

The first episode has been broadcasted. GMMTV’s giant series like F4 Thailand: The Heart of Love, Four Stars, Boys Over Flowers that many people have been waiting for. No matter how many versions of Asia’s most popular series, it became famous. with a new chapter of romance that will make the audience’s heart flutter F4 […]

Zhu Xiaotian suspects that he and his wife had been infected with the epidemic and he revealed that his income was meager in the past two years | CCP virus | New crown pneumonia | Han Wenwen

[EpochTimesOctober092021](Epoch Times reporter Tong Yijia Comprehensive Report) Frankly described himself as “the worst mixed in F4” Zhu Xiaotian. In an exclusive interview with Taiwan media a few days ago, he revealed that he was between June 2019 and June 2019. They both ran business shows in China in December. Now based on the symptoms at […]