False Claim: Bangladeshi Captain Shakib Al Hasan Beaten by Fans Upon World Cup Return

False Social Media Campaign Claims Bangladeshi Captain was Assaulted by Fans Bangladesh faced a disappointing exit from the semi-finals of the ODI Cricket World Cup hosted by India. However, claims of the Bangladeshi captain being beaten by fans upon his return home are false, despite a video circulating on social media. Debunking the Video The […]

Israeli Actress Gal Gadot’s False Support for Anti-Israel Campaign Exposed

False Campaign Circulating on Social Media Reports from within Israel have criticized the heavy-handed attacks on Gaza, leading to a campaign that has garnered attention on social media. Israeli actress and supermodel Gal Gadot has become the subject of this campaign, with a manipulated photo of her circulating on various platforms. Deceptive Image The viral […]

The Viral Video of Cristiano Ronaldo Waving a Palestinian Flag: The Fact Check

Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo Misidentified in Viral Video Supporting Palestine In the midst of discussions surrounding the conflict between Israel and Palestine, a video of a soccer player holding a Palestinian flag on the field has gained traction on social media. The post falsely claims that global superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was the one raising the […]

Mexican Alien Hoax: Investigating the Truth Behind the Extraterrestrial Cake

Investigation Reveals Truth Behind Alien Displayed at Mexican Congress A shocking discovery has been made regarding the alleged extraterrestrial bodies that were presented to the Mexican Congress. Investigator Jamie Mawson stunned the world by asserting that the bodies were nothing more than a mere cake. The revelation has now cast doubt on the authenticity of […]

First World Sex Championship in Sweden; What is the truth behind the news?

‘The first world sex championship in Sweden’ – this is the news published by the leading national and local media on their website a few days ago. The content of the news was that Sweden has recognized sex as a sport and is holding a tournament to find the best. The report also said that […]

The reason for the spread image tweet of “Insect grasshopper powder as raw material for fried shrimp” is unknown.What is “grasshopper mix powder” in the raw material display?

Tweets are spreading as if the “grasshopper mix powder” in the ingredient label of fried side dishes is derived from the insect grasshopper. However, the grasshopper mix powder is considered to refer to “batter mix powder” that is unrelated to insect grasshoppers. The tweet is “unfounded”. View Entire Post ›