Fake news! contagious tooth decay through kissing or kissing

from the case of health information being transmitted that tooth decay is contagious through kissing or kissing Department of Medicine Ministry of Public Health explained that tooth decay It is not contagious through kissing or kissing. Because teeth can decay In addition to pathogens It also depends on other factors, such as the acidity of […]

Fake news! Government welfare card Prepare to receive an extra 1,000 baht

Every 15th of the month (can be withdrawn in cash and can be accumulated in the next month) Subsistence allowance for low-income seniors who are eligible for the state welfare registration program 50/100 baht per month. Seniors eligible from Oct. 64 – Jul. 65 will receive Receive money into the card in the month of […]

Fake news! Pineapple and Basil Juice Helps to treat low platelets, anemia

When there is a health-related message about the treatment of pineapple juice mixed with basil Helps to treat low platelets, anemia from the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine The Ministry of Public Health has clarified that there is no information about drinking pineapple juice mixed with basil. There is no information on the […]