The Kickstarter campaign for the long-awaited new work of Wormwood Studios fans “Hibernaculum” has finally ended « doope!

The original survival horror RPG “Hibernaculum”, published as a new work by Wormwood Studios, which gave birth to the masterpiece adventures “Primordia” and “Strangeland”, and whose Kickstarter campaign began on March 3, its Kickstarter campaign as It was revealed that it ended up raising AU$132,896, surpassing its initial goal of AU$70,000. Hibernaculum, a new work […]

Alien Dawn” to launch on April 25 «doope!

Haemimont Games’ Sci-Fi survival game “Stranded: Alien Dawn”, which launched early access for PC in October last year, was presented at the “Future Games Show Spring Showcase” broadcast today, It was revealed that the release for PS5, Xbox Decided on Series X | S, and PC on April 25, 2023. Check out the latest footage […]

A teaser trailer for the AAA project “MindsEye” included in the platform “Everywhere” led by the former president of Rockstar North Leslie Benzies has been released « doope!

“Everywhere” was announced as the first work of Build A Rocket Boy, a new studio headed by former Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies, at “gamescom: Opening Night Live” broadcast last August, but it is still a mystery while waiting for the sequel to the project with many projects, Build A Rocket Boy has released a […]

FromSoftware’s masterpiece “ELDEN RING” won a triple crown including GOTY at “GDC Awards 2023”, a summary of award-winning works in all 12 categories « doope!

Today, the “GDC 2023 Awards” award ceremony was held, and FromSoftware’s masterpiece “ELDEN RING” won this year’s GOTY, Best Design Award, and Best Visual Art Award, and it is clear that it has achieved a spectacular triple crown that became . Santa Monica Studio’s new masterpiece God of War Ragnarök also won three categories, Obsidian […]