Controversy Surrounds Cancellation of ‘Mushroom’ Performance at Beijing Art Center

Taipei Performing Arts Center Cancels Performance of “Mushroom” Due to Main Actor’s Resignation By Ling Meixue, Taipei Correspondent The highly anticipated performance of “Mushroom” at Beijing Art Center has been abruptly cancelled, leaving disappointed theater enthusiasts in its wake. Lai Peixia, a renowned artist who recently became a proxy for presidential candidate Terry Gou, has […]

Yoon Hyun-min and Baek Jin-hee End Their 7-Year Relationship: A Closer Look

Actors Yoon Hyun-min and Baek Jin-hee Break Up After 7 Years of Devotion By Ahn Yoon-ji | September 4, 2023 08:51 AM In a surprising turn of events, actors Yoon Hyun-min and Baek Jin-hee, who first met on the set of MBC’s drama ‘My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol’, have decided to part ways after a committed […]

Harry Kane Leaves Tottenham Without Saying Goodbye: A Legend’s Departure

Tottenham Hotspur’s Harry Kane Leaves Club Without Saying Goodbye By Lee Sung-min Tottenham Hotspur‘s most revered player, Harry Kane, has admitted that he departed from the club without bidding farewell to his fellow teammates. The renowned British publication, ‘Telegraph’, reported that on August 31st, just hours before his record-breaking £100 million transfer to Bayern Munich, […]

Supertone Technology Transforms the Voice of ‘Mask Girl’ in Netflix Original Series

Supertone’s High-Pitched Voice Technology Shines in Netflix Original Series ‘Mask Girl’ By Hyejin Choi | August 30, 2023 | 11:04 AM Netflix BJ’s voice in the Netflix original series ‘Mask Girl’ (script, director Kim Yong-hoon) was the result of high-pitched voice technology. The recently released ‘Mask Girl’ is a 7-episode drama that revolves around the […]

Neymar Bids Farewell to PSG Players Including Lee Kang-in

Lee Kang-in Bids Farewell to Neymar as He Joins Al Hilal By Park Jae-ho | Posted on August 18, 2023, 09:16 AM In a heartfelt goodbye, Neymar (31) visited the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) training ground to bid farewell to his teammates, including Lee Kang-in (22). A video released by PSG on their official social media […]

Yoo Hye-ri Opens Up About Becoming an Actress and Divorce in Candid Interview

Title: Yoo Hye-ri Opens Up About Her Journey as an Actress and Divorce from Geun-hee Lee Subtitle: Insightful discussion on KBS 1TV’s ‘Let’s Live Together with Park Won-sook’ On the morning of the 13th, renowned actress Yoo Hye-ri made an appearance on the popular KBS 1TV program ‘Let’s Live Together with Park Won-sook’, where she […]

Yoo Hye-ri Reveals the Reason Behind Becoming an Actress and Divorcing Geun-hee Lee

KBS 1TV Program Reveals Yoo Hye-ri’s Journey to Becoming an Actress and Divorce from Geun-hee Lee By Reporter Kim Na-yeon | 2023.08.13 15:14 In a recent episode of ‘Let’s Live Together with Park Won-sook’ on KBS 1TV, actress Yoo Hye-ri opened up about her path to stardom and the reasons behind her divorce from Geun-hee […]

Controversy Surrounding Coco Lee’s Death: Bruce Denies Involvement Amid Family Outburst

Coco Lee’s Family Accuses Estranged Husband in Wake of Farewell Ceremony In the aftermath of Coco Lee’s emotional farewell ceremony, tension escalated when members of her family publicly blamed her estranged husband, Bruce, for her death. During the cremation ceremony, an outburst from Coco Lee’s grieving siblings added fuel to the fire, generating widespread discussion […]

15 Years of Exile: A Swadeshi Couple’s Homecoming to Bahrain

Returning Home After 15 Years: A Tale of Exile and Gratitude By [Journalist’s Name] Manama: In a heartwarming turn of events, Rasheed, Sulaikha Rasheed, and their children are finally set to return to their homeland after enduring a 15-year exile. This Swadeshi couple, Koilandi Urallur, reveres the country they once called home with nothing but […]