Unniraj, the actor who bought the same field where his mother worked; Interview

This time ‘Akhileshetta’ has to tell the story of a miraculous return to life from the accident of facing death. The audience will never forget Unniraj, Akhileshettan from Operation Java, who gifted a censored copy of love to his girlfriend. Unniraj, who returned from a hospital stay in the fall with bruises on his hands, […]

Petition against ‘Churuli’; High Court directs DGP to file report

The High Court has joined the DGP in the petition against the film ‘Churuli’. The High Court directed the DGP to report any legal issues arising out of the screening of the film. A lawyer from Kolazhi, Thrissur, had approached the high court seeking that the film be removed from the OTD. The petitioner had […]

Suresh Gopi: Nadirsha says thank you

Mimicry artists including Nadirsha thank superstar Suresh Gopi for keeping his word. Suresh Gopi had earlier announced that he would donate Rs 2 lakh from each of his films for the upliftment of the Mimicry Artists’ Association. Now the actor has fulfilled that word. Director Nadirsha made the announcement on social media. Nadirsha’s words: Remember, […]

Diorama Film Festival; Best Actor Jojo George

Hunting at the Diorama International Festival. ‘Nayat’ won the Silver Sparrow Award for Best Picture and the Golden Sparrow Award for Best Actor. Directed by Martin Prakat, the film stars Joju George, Kunchacko Boban and Nimisha Sajayan in the lead roles. Nayat is the second best feature film of the festival. JoJo George became the […]

Unni Mukundan to thrill; ‘Meppadiyan’ Trailer

The trailer of the movie ‘Meppadiyan’ directed by newcomer Vishnu Mohan with Unni Mukundan in the lead role has arrived. The film tells the story of Jayakrishnan, a young man from Erattupetta. The thrill and emotion-packed trailer is also awesome. The film is being produced by Unni Mukundan himself under the banner of Unni Mukundan […]