‘Today’s gold price’ (January 6) opened the market, down 50 baht.

a reportprice of goldOn Friday, January 6, 2023, announced the 1st time (market opening) at 9:25 am, reduced by 50 baht compared to the last trading price announced on Thursday. Throughout the day, the price of gold has been announced 3 rounds and adjusted down for 3 rounds in a row, totaling 200 baht. Domestic […]

‘ALL’ debentures close to a done deal – broker points to worry about

It can be said to create chaos in the real estate industry immediately after the company all inspired Public Development Company Limited or ALL Notify the Stock Exchange of Thailand that Failure to pay interest on debentures ALL244A due for the 5th interest payment on January 3, 2023, in the amount of 10.65 million baht, […]

‘The appreciated baht’ opened the market at 34.41 baht per dollar. sell gold profit

Mr. Poon Panichphiboon, Money Market Strategist, Capital Markets BankKrung Thai he revealed that bahtopened this morning (January 4) at 34.41 baht per dollar “appreciating slightly” from the previous day’s close at 34.44 baht per dollar, looking framedbaht todayit is expected to be at the level of 34.30-34.50 baht per dollar fortrend baht The slight appreciation […]

Open the top 10 funds with the ‘highest returns’ around the year 22

investmentduring closing 2022 Especially the Asian side, including Thailand. continuously improving After receiving positive signals from China, the country is gradually opening up. and foreign capital inflows (fund flows)Thai stock market especially the stock group “Value stocks” also made the market perform better this year However, one of the factors driving value stocks, which are […]

SEC orders Zipmex to review ZipUp+ privacy agreement, line drawn 3 Jan ’23

On December 20, 2022, the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) made further comments. Zipmex Company Limited (Zipmex) Regarding ZipUp+ Privacy Policy Zipmex Group (Zipmex Group)*, on December 29, 2022, Zipmex posted a new Privacy Statement on the Zipmex website. It also published frequently asked questions about the pros and cons of accepting […]