Fishermen said ‘vira bismillah’

The fishing ban, which started on April 15 for the healthy reproduction of fish in the seas across the country, ended as of September 1. The fishermen, who were eagerly awaiting the lifting of the fishing ban, said “Vira Bismillah” and went to sea. A ceremony was held at the fisherman’s shelter in the Canik […]

Tuna Tyler: The Man Addicted to the Smell of Tuna

Man in America Develops Unusual Addiction to Tuna By [Author’s Name] Lawrence, Kansas – In a bizarre twist, a young man from Lawrence, Kansas has developed an addiction that is far from ordinary. Dubbed ‘Tuna Tyler’ by locals, this individual finds solace in not only consuming copious amounts of tuna, but also indulging in the […]

The Exquisite Rarity of Almas Caviar: A Delicacy Facing Extinction

The debate between indulgence and sustenance: To live for food or survive on food In our ever-evolving culinary landscape, the question of whether we live to eat or eat to live remains at the forefront of our choices. As individuals, we often find ourselves enticed by the diverse array of foods readily available in our […]

Food gives the pocket a breather; prices add three months down

Last month, the pantry price posted its third straight monthly decline. The set of 33 products that the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (Coneval) considers essential minimums in the diet of Mexican families fell 1.9%, according to the monthly survey of prices carried out by excelsior. So, Last June, 2,074 pesos […]

Controversy and Chaos: 1570 kg of Worm-Eaten Fish Seized at Thrissur Railway Station

Food Safety Department Seizes 1570kg of Worm-Infested Fish from Shalimar Express Thrissur, Kerala – The food safety department has taken decisive action by confiscating and disposing of 1570 kilograms of worm-infested fish that were being transported on the Shalimar Express train from Balasore in Odisha. This operation followed hours of controversy and a relentless effort […]

Found in the mouth of exported fish; ‘Parasite’ that bites its tongue and eats

A parasite was found piercing the tongue of a fish. The parasite was found in the mouths of fish caught in the English port of Suffolk. The Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority discovered the parasite, which remained there after digging out the fish’s tongue. The packing was stopped after parasite was found in the mouths […]