M. 33 and M. 39 free flu vaccination from 1 May, 2023 : PPTVHD36

Mr. said Bunsong Thapchaiyut, secretary general of the Social Security Office (SSO), that flu vaccination is a health promotion benefit. and prevent illness ministry of labor by the Social Security Office Give the right to take care of the insurance This year, we are still focusing on the target group. It covers persons insured under […]

Updated guidelines for the annual COVID-19 vaccine | RYT9

The Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) revealed the latest updates on the COVID-19 vaccination guidelines as follows: How is the annual COVID-19 vaccine given? 1 injection per year, starting from 2023 onwards injection since April before entering the rainy season spray away from the last needle or last infection for at […]

Symptoms of COVID XBB.1.16 – This year’s flu has gone viral in two pairs.

Check ‘XBB.1.16 COVID symptoms’ year ’66, the epidemic of COVID, along with flu Came quickly since the dry season in the first 3 months, almost 40,000 cases of flu were detected, and accumulated more than 5,000 cases of COVID, recommending risk groups to receive 2 vaccines at the same time in May. On April 19, […]

“Flu Vaccine 2023” May 1, ready to serve 7 risk groups

The Department of Disease Control and the NHSO are inviting gold patent holders from 7 risk groups to get a seasonal flu vaccination in 2023 between May 1 and August 31, or until the vaccine expires to help build immunity. Reduce complications, serious illnesses and deaths along with Krungthai Bank Open for pre-vaccination bookings, only […]

start vaccinating “Influenza” 7 risk groups “Gold Card” for free May 1

start vaccination “flu” is free for 7 risk groups from May 1 – August 31, repeating only the gold patent, revealing that the Bangkok area has reserved the right to inject through “pockets” starting from April 17, identifying the vaccine as type 3. southern hemisphere species On April 16, Dr Chadet Thammathatcha-aree, Secretary General of […]

flu-pneumonia The silent threat that comes with winter

with today People all over the world are starting to return to their normal lives. after the lifting of lockdown measures COVID-19 wear a mask and have more travel Although the four main pathogens that cause pneumonia are still present: influenza, COVID-19, RSV and pneumococcus. This makes it more likely to spread from person to […]