Poor countries reject 100 million doses of vaccine near expiration

Poor countries have rejected more than 100 million doses of the vaccine allocated by the Kovacx program in December 2021 as the vaccine approaches its expiration date. As teachers in France urge government to prevent spread of COVID-19 better in school On January 13, 2022, AFP news agency reported that UNICEF which is an agency […]

France reports 600,000 COVID-19 cases in two days

New cases of COVID-19 are snowballing in France. France’s Ministry of Health said 333,252 people had tested positive for the new coronavirus. It is the first time that so many confirmed cases of COVID-19 have occurred in one day, not only in France, but also in Europe. In France, the number of corona19 confirmed cases […]

France’s new mutant virus ‘death rate and transmission limit’

Another new mutation of the coronavirus has been confirmed in southern France. There are also analyzes that it is more threatening than Omicron, but how quickly it spreads seems to be a variable. This is Cho Dong-chan, a medical reporter. This is a new mutation paper published by the French Center for Mediterranean Infection Research. […]

Breaking News lionel messi tests covid positive psg officially announced | Lionel Messi | Lionel Messi Kovid Positive; PSG with confirmation

Paris : Lionel Messi Kovid poses positive for French club PSG’s Argentine superstar. PSG has officially confirmed. The team said the Kovid-affected player would miss the match against Vanessa. (Lyon Messi COVID Positive) In addition to Messi, Kovid has also been confirmed by PSG’s Juan Bernard, Sergio Rico and Nathan Butumasala. Kovid has also been […]