DODIKO’S REGIME IS PUSHING RS INTO ECONOMIC RUIN: They are preparing the largest bond debt ever, in the amount of even…

[“img”:”/img/vijesti/2023/05/milorad_dodik_zabrinut2.jpg”,”full”:”/img/vijesti/2023/05/milorad_dodik_zabrinut2.jpg”,”caption”:”Milorad Dodik”,”bg”:”393635″,”img”:”/img/vijesti/2023/05/zora_vidovic80.jpg”,”full”:”/img/vijesti/2023/05/zora_vidovic80.jpg”,”caption”:”Ministrica finansija RS Zora Vidoviu0107″,”bg”:”4d3a30″] In the Official Gazette of the Republic of Srpska, the decision on the 58 issue of bonds of the Republic of Srpska was published provided in the amount of 210 million KM. It is planned that 210,000 bonds will be offered to investors at a price of 1,000 marks […]

EVEN THERE: Erdogan ‘scattered’ the opposition in the provinces destroyed by the earthquake

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his supporters have celebrated an election victory and extended rule into a third decade, while the Turkish opposition, once optimistic about victory, is preparing for “difficult days” against an increasingly autocratic government. His opponent, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, said it was the “most unfair election in recent years” but did not dispute […]

#104 – How to Master Engineering Vocabulary in German

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NEW MAYOR OF ŽIVINICA BEGAN MUHIĆ: ‘I present the victory to the late Samir Kamenjaković’ (VIDEO)

[“img”:”/img/vijesti/2023/05/began_muhic101.jpg”,”full”:”/img/vijesti/2023/05/began_muhic101.jpg”,”caption”:”Began Muhiu0107″,”bg”:”3f4961″] Began Muhić (SDA) is the new mayor of Živinica, local media announced based on information from the SDA. This victory is already being celebrated on the streets of Živinice. “After more than 80 percent of the votes were processed, I received more than 60 percent of the votes. I would like to use […]

Free delivery if you pay 9900 won per month? Baemin said “Everyone gets 15% off”

Reporter Yoon Ji-hye of Money Today | 2023.05.28 07:16 Endemic + low season, intense competition for delivery app discounts “No membership or pass required. Everyone gets an extra discount at Baemin,” Korea’s No. 1 submission app Baedal Minjok launched a 15% discount promotion with such a phrase. Baemin 1 (Baeminwon) A 15% discount coupon is […]

CHALLENGING PHOTO: Sharon Stone showed a line in a leopard bikini, ready for summer (PHOTO)

[“img”:”/img/vijesti/2023/05/sharon-stone.jpg”,”full”:”/img/vijesti/2023/05/sharon-stone.jpg”,”caption”:”Sharon Stone (Foto: Agencije)”,”bg”:”182745″] Sharon Stone took a challenging pose and told her followers that she is ready for the coming summer. Ever since she sat on a chair in a white dress in the movie ‘Raw Passions’, the actress knows that little is needed to show her sexiness, which she simply radiates. The 65-year-old […]

SURPRISING NEWS FROM MADRID: The player who was predicted to have a brilliant career refused to extend his contract with Real

[“img”:”/img/vijesti/2023/05/ooof.jpg”,”full”:”/img/vijesti/2023/05/ooof.jpg”,”caption”:”Foto: Agencije”,”bg”:”bbbaab”] Surprising news from Madrid. Marco Asensio will leave Real Madrid at the end of this season, according to Spanish media. The 27-year-old striker has been negotiating with Real since the beginning of the year to extend his contract, which expires in June. The club wanted him to stay, they offered him an extension, […]

SPECTACLE AT OLD TRAFFORD: Manchester United outclassed Chelsea and confirmed their place in the Champions League (VIDEO)

[“img”:”/img/vijesti/2023/05/pl3.jpg”,”full”:”/img/vijesti/2023/05/pl3.jpg”,”caption”:”Foto: Twitter”,”bg”:”34292a”,”img”:”/img/vijesti/2023/05/pl2_1.jpg”,”full”:”/img/vijesti/2023/05/pl2_1.jpg”,”caption”:”Foto: Twitter”,”bg”:”231c26″,”img”:”/img/vijesti/2023/05/pl1_1.jpg”,”full”:”/img/vijesti/2023/05/pl1_1.jpg”,”caption”:”Foto: Twitter”,”bg”:”45343c”] Tonight at Old Trafford, Manchester United outclassed Chelsea with 4:1 in the match of the 37th round of the Premier League. With the three points won, the Red Devils secured a place in the Champions League, and even overtook Newcastle in third place. Casemiro, Martial, Fernandes and Rashford scored for the […]