Freesia Song Jia, donated KRW 20 million to aid in areas affected by forest fires

[스페셜타임스 정시환 기자] Hello, this is the video news team of Special Times, an internet media company. This news is related to the donation of 20 million won to freesia Songjia, a relief fund for forest fire-affected areas. The Korean Red Cross said that Freesia Song Ji-ah had donated 20 million won to the Red […]

‘Fake luxury goods’ controversy Song Jia, 4 out of 10 ‘I apologized, so it’s done’

YouTuber Song Jia (Freesia) posted an apology video on her YouTube channel. Youtube Channel Freesia Capture A survey result showed that 38% of adult men and women thought that “apologizing is enough” while YouTuber Song Ji-ah (Freesia), who caused controversy over wearing fake luxury goods, stopped her activities. Media Real Research Korea, a research company, […]

“Frisia’s father’s job is… “It’s a big deal. Yongho Kim finally blew it up again.

Kim Yong-ho, who is active on YouTube’s ‘Garosero Research Institute’, shot Freesia, who was criticized for wearing fake luxury goods. YouTube ‘Free Zia’ Kim Yong-ho said on YouTube on the 23rd, “Jia Song’s father is not a dentist.” YouTube ‘Entertainment Manager’ He said, “The core of the real controversy surrounding Song Ji-ah is her father. […]

‘Fake luxury’ YouTuber Song Jia suspended activities… ‘Sorry for damaging brand value, regret and reflection’

“When many people love you, you should have cared for yourself and looked back, please stop criticizing your family.” YouTuber Song Jia (Freesia) posted an apology video on her YouTube channel. Youtube Channel Freesia Capture Beauty creator Song Ji-ah (active name: Freesia) apologized for the controversy over wearing ‘fake luxury goods’ and announced the suspension […]

Freesia, the reason why she was stabbed in the head by Kang Ye-won, the ‘sister’ she trusted… rapidly spreading

The situation surrounding YouTuber Freesia (Jia Song) is not serious. Kang Ye-won, the ‘king sister’ actress that Freesia believed and followed, was taking a different step than usual, and attention was drawn to the background. Kang Ye-won and Freesia / JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’, Freesia’s Instagram freesia’s instagram On the 24th, major entertainment media reported on […]