COCOCO Shares Soar 45% on First Trading Day, Company Eyes Expansion and Innovation

COCOCO Shares Soar in First Trading Day, Company’s Business Overview In a remarkable debut, shares of Thai Coconut Public Company Limited (COCOCO) surged on its first trading day, opening at 8.00 baht. This marked a significant increase of 2.50 baht or 45.45% from its initial public offering (IPO) price of 5.50 baht. Globelex Securities, in […]

Thai Coconut Public Co. to Debut on Stock Exchange, Offering Stock Abbreviated as COCOCO

Thai Coconut Public Company Limited to Begin Trading on Stock Exchange Thai Coconut Public Company Limited, a leading producer and distributor of processed coconut and fruit products, is set to begin trading on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The company offers a wide range of products, including coconut milk, coconut water, coconut snacks, and ready-to-eat […]

Link Between Constipation and Dementia: Importance of Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

Health Warning: Early Constipation Linked to Risk of Dementia A recent study has unveiled a concerning connection between constipation and the onset of dementia. Dr. Theerawat Hemachutha, Director of the Center for Emerging Disease Health Sciences at the prestigious Chulalongkorn University, sheds light on this crucial finding, emphasizing the need for a healthy lifestyle to […]

The Best Time to Eat Fruit and its Health Benefits

Exploring the Benefits of Fruit for a Healthy Lifestyle When it comes to fruit, the options are abundant. With a vast variety of species, fruits are not only a product of various plants, but they also serve as a delicious and nutritious food source for both humans and animals. However, not all fruits are created […]

“Health Net” Only when you cut it open can you know red meat and white meat?Bei Nong teaches the method of identifying the appearance of red dragon fruit-Free Health Network

According to Taipei Agricultural Products, the fruit shape of the red-flesh variety is round, while the fruit shape of the bird’s nest fruit, white-flesh variety, and pink-flesh variety is oblong. (file photo) 〔Health Channel/Comprehensive Report〕Red dragon fruit, also known as dragon fruit, has 3 types of flesh, dark red, milky white, and pink. Is there […]

8 Fruits and Vegetables That Help Eliminate Bad Breath: Komchadluek Online

**Komchadluek** provides the latest news online. According to a recent article, there are 8 types of vegetables and fruits that not only have various health benefits but also help combat bad breath. So, what are these fruits and vegetables? Let’s delve into it. Bad breath is not only a confidence killer but also an issue […]

Thailand Dominates Chinese Fruit Market: FTI Analysis Reveals Opportunities and Challenges

FTI Dominates Chinese Fruit Market, Thailand urged to maintain quality In an analysis of the Chinese fruit market, the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) emerges as the champion, boasting an impressive overall market share of 41.3%. Delving into individual fruit categories, the figures are equally noteworthy, with durian holding a staggering 95.3% market share, followed […]

Challenges and Opportunities for Thailand in Exporting Fruit to the Growing Chinese Market

Challenges and Opportunities in Thailand’s Fruit Export Market to China The fast-growing fruit market in China has presented both challenges and opportunities for Thailand’s fruit export industry. According to a recent analysis by the FTI (Fruit Trade Institute), the emergence of new competitors in China’s market has put pressure on Thai producers to enhance their […]

10 Weight Loss Fruits: Low Sugar Options for Healthy Snacking and Meals

Lose weight without gaining fat by incorporating weight loss fruits into your diet as snacks, for lunch, or as a dinner option. These fruits are low in sugar and calories, making them ideal for weight loss. However, it’s important not to replace your meals entirely with fruits, as they lack essential nutrients and energy. Instead, […]