Korea-US-Japan Summit Promotes Peace and Prosperity in the Region

Japan Prime Minister Fumio Kishida Highlights Strengthened Korea-US-Japan Partnership at Tripartite Summit Prime Minister Kishida Confident of Fostering Peace and Prosperity in the Region The recently held Korea-US-Japan Summit at Camp David, located near Washington, USA, saw Prime Minister Fumio Kishida assert the positive outcomes achieved during the event. “I am convinced that through this […]

China’s worst nightmare comes true

With its aggressive foreign policy, China has increasingly isolated itself in its neighborhood. The US used this to expand its alliances in Xi Jinping’s backyard. Does this US strategy fuel a major war? The world is changing. On the one hand, Vladimir Putin has thrown the global order into chaos with his war in Ukraine, […]

US President Joe Biden invites Japan and South Korea to Camp David

The US wants to strengthen its relations in Asia. President Biden is therefore inviting Japan and South Korea to the USA. It should also be about security policy. In the face of increasing tensions in the Indo-Pacific, the USA, Japan and South Korea want to strengthen their security cooperation and stand up to China’s quest […]

Japan is considering joining the NATO summit in July

Kyodo News (May 25) reported that Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has deepened ties with the Transatlantic Alliance. amid global security concerns Preparing for the NATO Summit to be held in July government sources said on Wednesday. At the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit in Lithuania, Kishida is expected to hold bilateral talks with […]

Where an atomic bomb killed tens of thousands of people

The atomic bomb became the basis for the pacifism that characterizes Japan’s post-war society. But the remaining survivors, the “Hibakusha” (bombed), find it increasingly difficult to keep the memories alive. The impact of their eyewitness accounts and their appeal against nuclear weapons is fading. In Japan, too, there are now voices calling for nuclear armament […]

Sanctions against Putin? These are the points of contention

However, the US approach is seen critically by some – for example by Berlin, but also by other G7 capitals. “In our view, the approach discussed, ‘We will ban everything and allow exceptions’ will not work,” says German government circles. “We want to avoid unintended side effects.” The background is probably that significantly more goods […]

G7 meeting in Hiroshima

It’s G7 Summit 48. This year, the only G7 member country from Asia is Japan President throughout ’23 and Prime Minister Kishida has chosen his hometown of Hiroshima It is a meeting city. which requires intensive security for attendees It is the leader of the main industrialized countries of the world, including the two North […]

Japanese Government “Korean and Japanese Leaders to Confirm Indo-Pacific Cooperation”

Avoid immediate response to apology for colonial rule and discussion about contaminated water in Fukushima President Yoon Seok-yeol, who visited Japan on a two-day, one-night schedule, shakes hands with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida at the Prime Minister’s Official Residence in Tokyo on the afternoon of March 16 ahead of the extended Korea-Japan summit. random […]