Top 3 FX Companies Recommended by Our Readers

The Top 3 Recommended FX Companies Chosen by Our Readers ZaiFX Presents the Best FX Companies Along with the commonly known top 4 to 10 ranking websites, we have selected the top 3 FX companies recommended by our readers. These companies provide excellent features like low trading costs, flexible exchange points, and beginner-friendly options. Click […]

Expectations for a Rise of 150 Yen in USD/JPY, But Beware of Stochastic Sell Signal

Author: Naoto Ono, Research Institute Table of Contents Date of writing: 13:40, September 8, 2023 Expectations for a 150 yen Rise; Caution regarding Stochastic Sell Signal USD/JPY Unstable in High Range for Week of September 4th The USD/JPY pair reached 147.869 yen due to concerns about intervention and expectations for a weaker yen. However, […]

Beware of Impulse Buying: Analyzing the CPI Results

Author: Naoto Ono, Research Institute Table of Contents Date of Writing: 16:20, July 7, 2023 Beware of Impulse Buying, It’s Not Too Late to See CPI Results The US Dollar/Yen Edged Lower in the Week of July 3 The US dollar/yen pair struggled to find a clear direction due to recession risks and speculation […]

TEAM Harrons from the Research Institute Hosts Live FX Trading Broadcast Research Institute’s TEAM Harrons to Host Daily Live Broadcast at 9 PM on Weekdays Tokyo, Japan – In an effort to provide valuable insights and information to individual FX investors, TEAM Harrons from the Research Institute will be hosting a live distribution program every weekday from 9 PM. The program aims to present […]

Foreign Currency Deposits Rebound in May, Led by Increase in Corporate Deposits

Foreign Currency Deposits See an Increase in May Driven by Corporate Deposits In a positive turn of events, foreign currency deposits in South Korea experienced a notable increase for the first time in five months in May. This growth can be credited to a surge in corporate deposits, according to the ‘Trend of Resident Foreign […]

[Ymatebion y Farchnad]Michigan Consumer Confidence Index Preliminary Report for June US Outperforms Forecasts, Expected Inflation Declines, but Dollar Continues to Rise | FX News – ZaiFX!

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