LG Electronics, LTE model ‘LG Velvet’ Android 13 OS upgrade

Since the 20th, LG Electronics has been rolling out performance updates including Android 13 OS updates for the ‘LG Velvet’ LTE model. The software version is G910N40b (self-contained), and in addition to the Android 13 OS application, ▲ Device management shortcut icon displayed on the lock screen ▲ Copy text or image preview, sharing, and […]

Plus, up to 50% off with Kiwoom Heroes to commemorate the 2023 professional baseball opener, 5% off N-Pay accumulated shopping live

Theham (CEO of The Bao Partners: Kim Seung-jin, https://www.theham.kr/) will host live shopping with its partner, Kiwoom Heroes, to commemorate the opening of the 2023 professional baseball season on April 5 at 7:00 pm Deoham signed a partnership contract with Kiwoom Heroes, a professional baseball team, for three consecutive years starting from the 2021 season. […]

‘GPU died instead of mobs’ … Diablo 4 beta, specific GPU brick

The early access beta service for Blizzard Entertainment’s latest Diablo series, Diablo 4, took place last weekend. However, bricking has been reported on the graphics cards of some users who participated in the beta test. According to multiple foreign media outlets on the 23rd (local time), a number of beta players on foreign community sites […]

Making a game more realistic than ray tracing, the Nvidia Path Tracing SDK distribution

Nvidia has released an SDK trace path for game developers. The SDK tracking path released this time includes all the technologies to realize real-time rendering, including DLSS3, frame generation technology, and Shader execution reordering (SER) to improve ray tracing efficiency. It is explained that Nvidia has overcome the real-time processing limitations of path tracing by […]

Leaked Live Image of ‘Huawei Watch Ultimate’ with 3 Hardware Buttons

@RODENT950 on Twitter Live images of Huawei’s next high-end smartwatch, the Watch Ultimate, have been leaked. A live image shared to the Twitter account @RODENT950 shows the front design of the ‘Ultimate Watch’. It doesn’t have a digital crown like the Watch Buds, but it does come with three circular hardware buttons similar to the […]

Apple Music bug reveals other people’s playlists

Foreign media such as MacRumors reported on the 22nd (local time) that a strange bug in the ‘Apple Music’ app, which is Apple’s music streaming service, displays other people’s playlists in the library. Several users have reportedly complained via online communities such as Reddit that they are seeing strange playlists that the app cannot recognize. […]

SK Telecom’s ‘Galaxy A54 5G’ model passed domestic radio wave certification

Galaxy A54 5G Violet Awesome Samsung Electronics’ latest ‘Galaxy A54 5G’ model is about to be released in Korea. According to the industry, ‘Galaxy A54 5G’ with model number SM-A546S received radio wave certification from the National Radio Research Agency on the 22nd. It has the same model number as the SK Telecom model that […]

Plus, PS5 game console SSD upgrade guide video distribution guide

Deoham (The Bao Partners, CEO Kim Seung-jin) produces and distributes guide videos and blog content that expands the capabilities of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) game console by adding an SSD. The video is made so that even beginners can follow it easily, and can be found on Deoham’s YouTube channel and Naver blog. On the […]

Chinese 2nd generation tablet ‘Oppo Pad 2’ officially announced.. OnePlus pad copy

On the 21st, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo officially announced the second generation tablet ‘Oppo Pad 2’. The Oppo Pad 2 has almost the same specifications and large design as the recently released OnePlus Pad tablet. On the front, it has an 11.6-inch (2800 x 2000 pixels) IPS LCD display that supports a variable refresh rate […]