GCREST launches autographed gift campaign for voice actors who play a total of 31 Meisters in “Dream Craftsman and Forgotten Black Fairy” | gamebiz

Today (January 24), GCREST will start a sign present campaign for voice actors who play Meisters in the dream-spinning fantasy profession RPG “Dream Craftsman and Forgotten Black Fairy” (hereinafter “Yumekuro”). Announced that. ◆ Outline of the campaign for a total of 31 Meister autographed Shikishi giftsAn autograph gift campaign will be held for 31 voice […]

SIE releases “Daytona International Speedway” gameplay video as new information on “Gran Turismo 7”! | gamebiz

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has released the “Daytona International Speedway” gameplay video for PlayStation5 (PS5) / PlayStation4 (PS4) software “Gran Turismo 7” from January 19, 2022. “Daytona International Speedway” gameplay video In this video, we will introduce the course “Daytona International Speedway” recorded in “Gran Turismo 7” with a gameplay video of about 4 minutes. […]

SQUARE ENIX announces that “Romancing SaGa Release Date Commemoration” will be held from January 20th tomorrow at “Romasaga RS”! There is also a Romancing Festival featuring Jamil and Sheraha! | gamebiz

Square Enix and AkatsukiHas announced that “Romancing SaGa Release Date Commemoration” will be held from January 20th tomorrow at “Romancing SaGa Re: Universe (Romasaga RS)”. ■ Romance Saga Release Date Commemorative Login Bonus Held!During the period, you can get the following items by logging in for up to 3 days.・ Platinum ticket x 150・ Expedition […]

Niantic and Pokemon will hold a “Hatsudensho” event for the first time in “Helioptile” in “Pokemon GO”! From January 19th | gamebiz

Niantic and Pokemon will make their first appearance in “Helioptile” in “Pokemon GO” from January 19th! Announced the holding of the “Hatsudensho” event. ■ The story of the “heritage season” continues.Spark seems to have instinctively needed a Denki-type Pokemon to send electricity to activate the last unlocking device on the giant door. Work with the […]

SQUARE ENIX Announces Expansion of Operation Scale of “FFXIV” Data Center Expansion and Data Center Travel Introduction Expansion Package “Akatsuki no Finale” will resume sales from January 25 | gamebiz

Square Enix announced on this day (January 14th) that it will expand its operation scale to cope with the increase in the number of users and traffic scale of “Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV)”. In addition to expanding the data center for all parts of the world including Japan, a new data center for the Oceania […]

SQUARE ENIX introduces a new unit “Violet” in collaboration with “FFBE Phantom War” x “Persona 5 The Royal”! Happy New Year 2022 Campaign | gamebiz

Square Enix has released a new collaboration unit “Violet” for “Persona 5 The Royal” on January 1st in “WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS Phantom War” (FFBE Phantom War). In addition, “Alstoria” that appeared in “FFBE Phantom War” another story “WARRIOR OF THE CRYSTALS” has appeared as a new unit, and a new […]

Nintendo Switch version of insect horde battle SLG “Advance Beetle” is now available from “PLiCy”, a service for posting and distributing your own games | gamebiz

Ukita Construction Co., Ltd. announced today (January 6th) that it has started distributing the game software “Advance Beetle” for Nintendo Switch from the self-made game posting and distribution service “PLiCy” operated by the company. The price is 660 yen (tax included). “Advance Beetle” is a simulation game of “Insect Horde Battle” produced by montarosu entertainment. […]