SEGA releases actor interview video for “Dragon 7 Gaiden Heroes Unknown” game

SEGA Unveils Exclusive Actor Interview for “Dragon 7 Gaiden Heroes Unknown” In an exciting move, SEGA has released an actor interview video for their highly anticipated action adventure game, “Dragon 7 Gaiden Heroes Unknown,” on their official YouTube channel. The interview features Shoyuki Yamaguchi, who portrays Wakatou “Tsuruno Hiroki” from the Eighth Generation Omi League, […]

Organized gangsters and drug dealers involved in ‘voice phishing’ scam

Daepo bank book and OTP distributed to voice phishing organizations, etc. [서울동부지검 제공] Following the policy of reviving joint investigation teams by sector after the inauguration of Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon, the voice phishing investigation team, launched in July, uncovered a large-scale voice phishing gang consisting of gangs and drug dealers. The voice phishing government […]