Focus: African Agricultural Products, “Post-Demand” Wall for China Exports | Reuters

[Tika (Kenya) 28th Reuters]–In an orchard owned by Kenya’s agricultural corporation Kakuji, workers are shaking down avocados on trees. Chris Flowers, CEO, is excited about the possibility that some of the crops will be shipped to China, the most attractive emerging consumer market. Workers are shaking down avocados on trees in an orchard owned by […]

US consumer spending rises 0.2% in May Inflation rises 0.6% | Reuters

[Washington, 30th Reuters]–The US Department of Commerce announced on May 30 that consumer spending (PCE) in May increased by 0.2% from the previous month. April was revised downward from the previous announcement (up 0.9%) to an increase of 0.6%. The May market forecast was up 0.4%. Private consumption accounts for more than two-thirds of America’s […]

US $ 800 million for additional military aid to Ukraine Biden announces | Reuters

US President Joe Biden announced on the 30th that the US government will announce additional $ 800 million in military aid to Ukraine in the coming days. Taken in Madrid (2022 Reuters / Violeta Santos Moura) [Madrid 30th Reuters]-US President Joe Biden announced on the 30th that the US government will announce additional $ 800 […]

World nuclear power capacity needs to be doubled by 50 years = IEA | Reuters

On June 30, the International Energy Agency will reach the world’s zero emission target and ensure energy security by the middle of this century as governments seek to reduce their reliance on imported fossil fuels. Has released a report that it is necessary to double the installed capacity of nuclear power generation. Photo taken in […]

NATO to increase response force to over 300,000 respond to Russian threat | Reuters

On the 29th, the leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) agreed to increase the number of ready-to-use units to respond to crises to more than 300,000 after 2023. It will significantly increase from the previous 40,000 people and respond to Russia, which is recognized as a direct threat. (2022 Reuters / Pascal Rossignol) […]