Google Considers Resuming Development of Augmented Reality Glasses Project

Google Considering Reviving AR Glasses Project: Reports Suggest Competitive Pressure as Motivation Google is reportedly mulling over the idea of reviving its augmented reality (AR) glasses project, which was shelved in the past. According to a TechRadar report on the 21st (local time), internal discussions are taking place at Google about the potential resurrection of […]

Google’s AR Smart Glasses Project Restarted with New Features

Google Reportedly Resumes Development of AR Smart Glasses Project Google has reportedly decided to revive its augmented reality (AR) smart glasses project, which was halted three months ago. Unlike competitors such as Meta or Apple, Google aims to develop an XR (mixed reality) device in the form of glasses, resembling sunglasses or goggles. The new […]

How to Create a Sensual and Cozy Atmosphere with Fall Interior Design

[Altel Salteul Autumn Designs] Before the autumn season arrives, when there is an increased demand for interior design due to moving and weddings, Enex recommends some fall interior designs that can create a sensual and cozy atmosphere. One of the key elements in home interior design is the entrance, which sets the first impression for […]

The Rise and Fall of AR and VR: Evaluating X-Real’s Beam Series

Title: X-Real Beam Air: A Glimpse into the Future of AR/VR Technology Introduction The world offers a wide array of captivating cultural experiences that enrich our lives. We often label these activities as part of our cultural fabric. However, numerous obstacles have hindered our ability to fully embrace cultural events. In the past three years […]

The Promise of Strong and Lightweight Nano-Material: Unveiling the Power of DNA in Glass

Strongest Material in the World Created Using DNA and Glass A groundbreaking discovery has been made by a collaboration between the University of Connecticut, Columbia University, and Brookhaven National Laboratory. Together, they have developed a new nano-material that may be the strongest in the world. This material is made up of DNA strands encased in […]

Holmes Guest Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation Reveals Surprising Living Arrangement

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Reveals She Still Lives in a Dorm By Cha Yoo-chae, Reporter July 25, 2023 In a recent episode of the MBC Entertainment show ‘Save me!’, Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon made an appearance as a guest. The show revolves around finding solutions to various problems faced by individuals or families. During the episode, […]

Kim Min-jae: Bayern Munich’s Upgrade in Defense with Affordable Transfer

Bayern Munich Signs Kim Min-jae as Hernandez Departs Reporter: Lee Won-hee | 2023.07.02 12:20 In a strategic move to strengthen their defense, Bayern Munich has made a shrewd acquisition by signing Kim Min-jae, often referred to as the “monster defender” from Napoli. This signing was made possible through a cost-effective buyout, which allowed the German […]

Google Halts Development of Glasses-Shaped AR Headset Project Iris

Google Halts Development of AR Headset Project Iris In a surprising turn of events, Google has announced that it will no longer be pursuing the development of its glasses-shaped augmented reality (AR) headset, known as Project Iris. This decision comes as a setback for the tech giant, as it was expected to compete with similar […]

Baek Jong-won Ventures into the Lunch Box Business on ‘Cheaps of Business Genius’

Baek Jong-won Creates Lunch Box Business with Aim to Achieve 500 Million Annual Sales In the final episode of tvN’s entertainment program ‘Cheaps of Business Genius’, Baek Jong-won embarked on the challenge of establishing a store that could achieve around 500 million in annual sales within a short period. With the goal of achieving the […]