Gold Price Forecast: Direction Next Week and Investment Strategy Analysis

Gold Price Rises to 51.40 USD per Ounce, Analysts Predict Upward Swing Warut Rungkham, Director of Analysis at YLG Bullion and Futures Company Limited, revealed in an interview with Nation Online that the price of gold in November saw an increase to 51.40 US dollars per ounce. According to Rungkham, the trend in gold prices […]

Navigating the Gold Market: Analysis and Recommendations

Gold Prices Fall by $4.20 The price of gold fell by $4.20, representing a decrease of 0.21%, and closed the market at $1,958. According to analysts at Hua Seng Heng Gold Futures Co., Ltd., the decline was influenced by a stronger dollar and increased bond yields following a lower-than-expected 1.3% rise in the Producer Price […]

Gold Prices Surge by 400 Baht in a Single Day: November 10, 2023

Gold Prices Soar in Market Close Today, on 10 November 2023, the market saw a significant increase in the price of gold, with the announcement from the Association of Gold Traders indicating a rise of 400 baht. The price of gold bars saw a surge, reaching 33,200 baht, while gold jewelry sold for 33,700 baht. […]

The Gold Market Sees a Sideways Trend as Prices Fall and Consolidate

Trends in the Gold Market In the world of gold, Hua Sheng Heng closely observes the current market trend. The price of gold has experienced a decline of $6.24, accounting for 0.31%, ultimately closing at $1,992. A Glimpse into Gold’s Performance: Maximum Price: $2,004 Lowest Price: $1,982 Gold Bar Prices: Maximum: 33,550 baht Lowest: 33,550 […]

Gold Price Rises as Tensions Continue and Buying Power Grows

The price of gold saw a significant increase of $8.6, representing a growth of 0.43%, ultimately closing the market at $1,979. Analysts predict that the gold price trend will continue to move steadily upward. Spotlight on Gold Highest: $1,987 | Lowest: $1,963 Top: 33,750 baht | Lowest: 33,750 baht Hua Seng Heng Gold Futures Co, […]

With Rising Gold Prices and Uncertain Factors, Will Gold Continue to Rise Next Week?

Gold prices surge amidst escalating conflict between Israel and Palestinian armed groups The price of gold has experienced a significant increase over the past week, from 1-12 October, soaring by $28 per ounce. This surge in gold prices can largely be attributed to the ongoing fierce battle between Israel and Palestinian armed groups. Additionally, the […]

The Technical Rebound Trend and Future Outlook of the Gold Market

The Gold Market: Technical Rebound Trend Identified by Hua Shengheng Hua Shengheng, an expert in the field, has observed a potential technical rebound trend in the gold market. Yesterday, the price of gold dropped by 5.18% against the dollar, closing at $1,822. This decline comes as the dollar slightly weakened by 0.28%. The latest spot […]

Gold Price Sees Technical Rebound as Oversold Signals Emerge

Gold Price Sees Technical Rebound Amidst Recent Decline Gold prices experienced a significant drop of -10.27 dollars, resulting in a decline of -0.54% and closing the market at 1,864 dollars. The technical analysis of gold suggests a downward trend, with the precious metal continuing to reach new lows. However, today brings a glimmer of hope […]