Gold price today closes at 250 baht, investors move to buy safe assets: PPTVHD36

Today’s gold price closes the market up 250 baht, high inflation trend recession Encourages to buy safe assets Swing from the dollar to buy gold Gold Traders Association When announcing the domestic gold price today (March 23, 2023), a total of 5 times, the market closed, increasing by 250 baht from the previous day, with […]

‘Today’s Gold Price’ March 21, 2023, adjust up down, keep winning all day

“gold price today” Gold Traders Association Announcement (1st time) on March 21, 2023, opening the buy-sell market gold bar gold jewelry Reduced price of 100.- baht, ready to keep an eye on it all day Want to adjust it up or down again? Hurry and check. “Today’s Gold Price” Gold Traders Association Publication of buy-sell […]

Gold price trend 17 March 2023, close to choosing the road again

The general financial market has entered a period of easing, but spot gold prices remain high as a safe haven, allowing Thai gold to stand firmly above the 30,000 baht level. gold price trend today Analysis of the gold price, Hua Seng Heng Gold Futures Co., Ltd. said that the Swiss Bank has released a […]

gold price today Market closes up to 200 baht, short-term traders look up: PPTVHD36

The price of gold today increased by 200 baht from the previous day, the price fell slightly according to foreign countries and the baht appreciated. But still above $1,900/oz. Gold Traders Association Announcing the domestic gold price today (14 March ’23), adjusted 5 times according to the volatility in the spot market. but remained stable […]