Today’s ‘gold price’ opens the market (25 Jan.) Stable

a report price of gold On Wednesday, January 25, 2023, the Association of Gold Traders announced the 1st time (market opening) at 9:28 am constant, does not increase, does not decrease compared to publicationpurchase priceLast Tuesday that throughout the day was publishedprice of goldAll 3 rounds, and all 3 consecutive rounds of 150 baht have […]

Gold price today (January 9, 2023) latest

today’s news Gold price today 9 January 2023 latest! byGold Traders Association opens the market, prices increase How much is it reduced? compareThe gold price closed on December 8th. Check it out here. gold price today 9 January 2023 latest, see here gold price today byprice of goldThe last day of 7 January 23, closing […]

‘Today’s gold price’ (January 6) opened the market, down 50 baht.

a reportprice of goldOn Friday, January 6, 2023, announced the 1st time (market opening) at 9:25 am, reduced by 50 baht compared to the last trading price announced on Thursday. Throughout the day, the price of gold has been announced 3 rounds and adjusted down for 3 rounds in a row, totaling 200 baht. Domestic […]

Gold price today latest 31 December ’22 increase of 100 baht

latest gold price today December 31, 2022 at 9:25 am Gold Traders Association When announcing the 1st price, it increased by 100 baht compared to the closing price yesterday (30 Dec ’22). gold bar priceSold out 29,850.00 baht per baht price of gold jewelrySold for 30,350.00 baht per baht The world gold price (Gold Spot) […]