Deliberation of the supplementary budget bill in the National Assembly begins in earnest… ‘Article 53 estimation error’ Jealousy Taen, the ruling and opposition parties in one voice

Criticism continued that the sharp cut in the defense budget would lower the level of military power and welfare for the soldiers. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance Choo Kyung-ho answers questions from lawmakers during the plenary session of the Strategy and Finance Committee held at the National Assembly on the 17th. […]

FRB Chair Powell: “Continue to work” until inflation falls–Bloomberg

“No one should doubt” the Fed’s determination to curb high inflation for the first time in decades, said Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell on the 17th. “What we have to see is a clear and convincing decline in inflation, and we will continue to work until we confirm it,” he said at an event hosted […]

Shinhan Bank signed an agreement with the Association of Foreign Companies… Financial service support for foreign-invested companies

Shinhan Bank (President Jin Ok-dong) announced on the 13th that it had signed a business agreement with the Korea Foreign Companies Association (FORCA, Chairman Seo Young-hoon) to provide corporate finance services to foreign-invested companies and to promote the attraction of foreign direct investment. The Korea Foreign Companies Association is a private economic organization representing foreign-invested […]

Rice Producer Price Index up 11% year-on-year in April-higher than expected-Bloomberg

The US Producer Price Index (PPI) in April increased year-on-year year-on-year, exceeding market expectations. It is suggested that consumer prices may remain high for longer than expected, and the US financial authorities are likely to maintain a positive rate hike stance. Key Point Overall PPI increased 11% year-on-year Median economist forecast for Bloomberg survey rises […]

[US market conditions]Stocks continue to fall, interest rate hikes continue to be observed in employment statistics-10-year bond yields in the 3% range-Bloomberg

The US financial market on the 6th continued to move wildly from the previous day, and the stock market continued to fall. Employment statistics have strengthened the view that financial authorities will maintain the current rate hike policy as a measure against inflation, and sales have continued. U.S. stocks continue to fall, observing continued rate […]