Greece receives part of the Parthenon statue back from the Vatican : PPTVHD36

Greece held a ceremony to return the three Parthenon pieces from the Vatican at the Acropolis Museum in Athens yesterday (March 24) These 3 Parthenon marble statues feature horse heads. statue of a bearded man and statue of a boy’s head are in the past These pieces have been in the Vatican Museums for centuries […]

Greece: Date for parliamentary elections brought forward

When will Greece elect a new parliament? Prime Minister Mitsotakis has now called a date. However, this is viewed critically. According to the conservative Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the parliamentary elections in Greece are to take place in May. However, an exact date in May has not yet been set, said Mitsotakis in an interview […]

Greece’s ex-finance minister Yanis Varoufakis attacked by masked men

Greece’s ex-finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has been attacked and injured by a group. Now he comments on the attack. Brutal attack on a politician in Greece: Former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis was attacked and injured by hooded people in Athens on Friday evening. A group of about 20 people discovered the left-wing opposition politician […]

The Greek Prime Minister begs for forgiveness after the train accident!

“As Prime Minister, I want to ask for forgiveness. I owe it to everyone, but especially to the families of the victims,” stated Mitsotakis and added that in Greece in 2023 “it cannot happen that two trains go opposite each other on the same track and no one notices”. The accident happened shortly before midnight […]

Train crash protesters clash with police in Greece | 4 March 23

Train crash protesters clash with police in Greece . Train accident in Greece The accident that should not have happened caused people throughout the country to protest and turn out to protest. . Regarding the progress of the latest investigation, there is a new audio clip which reveals The station master ordered the train driver […]

15 EU countries are putting pressure on migration

At a conference, several EU countries called for stricter measures against migration. The external borders are to be secured more strongly. 15 member states of the European Union (EU) called for stronger security of the EU’s external borders on Friday. They also spoke out in favor of concluding agreements with third countries to take in […]

The anarchist who puts pressure on Giorgia Meloni

Alfredo Cospito is serving life in an Italian prison. In October he went on a hunger strike. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is therefore in a dilemma. Isolation, monitoring of mail and all conversations, no contact with family members – all in a 3.75 square meter cell. The prisoners have to spend 22 hours a day […]

When the first main battle tanks will arrive in Ukraine

Now it’s official: Germany and other countries are sending battle tanks to Ukraine. But what happens next? An overview. The most important things at a glance Germany has announced that it will deliver 14 Leopard main battle tanks to Ukraine. But it won’t stop there: Several other countries have announced that they will also supply […]